Renowned actor Florin Opritescu dies at 42

Sad news in the show business world. Renowned actor dies at 42 after being diagnosed with leukemia. “He knew like few others how to...

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  • Sad news in the show business world.
  • Renowned actor dies at 42 after being diagnosed with leukemia.
  • “He knew like few others how to wield a weapon in front of the camera,” said one of his colleagues.

This year has been marked by tragedy in the entertainment world, which is in mourning again with the death of a renowned actor at age 42. Florin Opritescu was diagnosed with leukemia last year, from which he believed he had recovered.

According to information from the ABC outlet in Spain, the actor’s death was announced on the social media accounts belonging to his colleagues, including Tirso Calero, screenwriter, director and executive producer of series’ such as Amar es para siempre and Servir y proteger.

Actor Florin Opritescu dies

Actor Florin Opritescu dies
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“Very sad news. Florin Opritescu has passed away. Very good actor and partner. He played Petrovic in
@SyP_tve (Serve and protect), one of the best characters that appeared on the series. Always in favor of work and knew like few others how to wield a weapon before the camera. Rest in peace,” said Tirso Calero on his official Twitter account.

Users expressed their condolences after the death of the actor: “What a shame, how young!!! I liked him in all the roles I saw him. He filled the screen in every way.” “Rest in peace. I remember that seamless interpretation in Servir y Proteger and in Mar de plastico, also colossal.” “Rest in peace. Sad loss of a great actor and person. A lot of encouragement to the whole family.”

Who was Florin Opritescu?

Who was Florin Opritescu?
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Born on September 21, 1979 in Timișoara, Romania, Florin Opritescu was a Romanian actor who developed his professional career in Spain, where he was known for various supporting roles. He studied at the Colegiul Banatean school and at the Liceul Sportiv Banatul institute.

Since childhood, Florin showed artistic inclinations, so his mother decided to take him to the Flores musical school, directed by Giovani Matasaru, when he was only 6 years old. There he trained for 5 years and learned to sing and play the guitar. May he rest in peace…

His arrival in Spain, where he began his acting career

His arrival in Spain, where he began his acting career
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After having studied economics at the Polytechnic University of Timișoara and, at the same time, training as a customs agent at the University of Vamesi, he emigrated to Spain at the age of 21 where he worked as a chef in a restaurant. There he met the woman with whom he would share his life and who would make him a father.

Florin Opritescu didn’t begin his movie career until he was 30 years old. He started out getting small jobs as an extra, but after he met casting director Luci Lenox and entered her studio, he began to train as a professional actor. The rest is history.

What did actor Florin Opritescu die of?

What did the actor Florin Opritescu die of?
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As reported by the ABC outlet in Spain, Romanian actor Florin Opritescu was diagnosed with leukemia last year. Although he believed that he had beaten the disease after receiving a stem cell and bone marrow transplant from his son, unfortunately it was not the case.

“I was fighting against this disease… and I beat it, it couldn’t be any other way,” he said in a video posted on social media about his leukemia diagnosis. Among the personalities who reacted to the actor’s death are Fernando Cayo, Rodolfo Sancho and Alain Hernández.

His last post

Your last post
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With about ten thousand followers on his Instagram account, actor Florin Opritescu had shared over 400 posts just before his death. They were mainly from his professional life. It is striking that his last image was shared on September 24. It was the same on his Twitter account.

After his death was reported, his followers took advantage of this post to express their condolences, several of them written in Romanian: “Rest in peace, Florin.” “He was a beautiful person. I feel sorry for his family.” “What a shame, great guy.” “I think life is unfair.” “We ​​will always remember you.”

An emotional farewell for actor Florin Opritescu

The emotional farewell for the actor Florin Opritescu
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Spanish actor Óscar Foronda, who has appeared in more than 50 films and television series, in addition to having acted in German, English, Swedish, American, Korean, Catalan and Spanish productions, dedicated some emotional words to Florin Opritescu after he announced that he had passed away.

“To the enormous sadness of seeing you leave so early, with that immense human and professional quality, there remains the perpetual memory and privilege of having met you. It is people like you who make others reconcile with mankind. Goodbye, comrade…”

Did he have a premonition of his death?

Did he have a presentiment of his death?
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In a video was post on social media on July 24, actor Florin Opritescu shared with his followers that he suffered from leukemia, a disease that would finally end his life: “I have been going through a rather complicated process since October of last year”.

“I was diagnosed with leukemia. I have been struggling with this disease and I beat it, it couldn’t have been any other way. Those who know me already know how I love life and how I love the people who are in my life and the faith that I have and thus it has made everything easier,” said the actor (TO SEE THE VIDEO CLICK HERE).

Actor dies at 31 due to heart failure

Actor dies at 31 due to heart failure
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Unexpected news. Well, these have been terrible days for the entertainment world, because after the losses of several entertainment figures in Mexico, including Octavio Ocaña and Enrique Rocha, now the death of actor Coronji Calhoun has been confirmed at 31 years of age. He died of heart failure.

The young man is remembered for his participation in the movie Monster’s Ball, where he played the son of actress Halle Berry. According to information from The Sun, the causes of his tragic death were heart failure and lung problems. May he rest in peace…

Actor Coronji Calhoun’s family asks for financial help

Actor Coronji Calhoun's family asks for financial aid
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After the mother of actor Coronji Calhoun confirmed her son’s death, it was learned that a GoFundMe account was created to ask for financial help, since the family did not have a life insurance policy before his death due to heart failure.

As of the writing of this article, just over $10,000 has been raised, including a donation from a person claiming to be Halle Berry, who donated just over $3,000: “Although the financial burden has been removed, We still mourn the loss of my son,” said Theresa Bailey.

“I hugged him and kissed him”

"I hugged him and kissed him"
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In the interview that Halle Berry gave in 2001 for the release of the film Montser’s Ball, she commented that she talked a lot with the young actor and his mother, comforting him just before each take: “I hugged him and kissed him, and after each take, I hugged him and kissed him,” said the actress.

“Being me is a job in itself until I die, I strive for myself,” Coronji Calhoun wrote on Instagram, where the last time he posted was on October 21, 2015: “By closing this chapter We ask that in your memory of him, you remember to love your neighbor as yourself, because that is what Coronji did for his entire community,” said the actor’s mother.

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