A tool that helps you find out when your tax refund check will arrive



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  • The IRS has a tool in Spanish that lets you know when your tax refund check will arrive
  • The tax returns filed electronically take a maximum of 21 days
  • On the other hand, the tax returns filed on paper take between 6 and 8 weeks

This has been an atypical year in many respects, including tax matters, so many still wonder how they can find out when their tax refund check will arrive from the IRS. The Internal Revenue Service (IRS) has a tool that is completely in Spanish and that will let you know when your check will arrive.

For all taxpayers who want to know the status of their tax refund, the IRS offers several options for you to verify the processing of your filing. In addition to the phone line, you can visit the IRS website and click on the tab “Where is my refund?”. This tool is available on IRS.gov and through the IRS2Go application.

When will my tax refund check arrive?

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The tool “Where is my refund?” provides information regarding the money that will be refunded and its possible deposit date. To check the status of your tax refund, you will need to provide the system with some personal information.

To use Where’s My Refund ?, you need to provide your Social Security or Taxpayer Identification Number (ITIN), your filing status, and the exact amount of your refund. in dollars. For your convenience, you can have a copy of your return on hand, where you will get all this information.

Delays in sending your tax refund check

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The federal agency has acknowledged that they have had trouble catching up on tax refunds due to the pandemic. Especially with paper tax returns, as it means that offices and staff are available to receive and process them.

“It is taking us longer to process documents sent by mail, including paper tax returns and all correspondence related to tax returns,” the IRS wrote, noting that they were “processing the correspondence in the order we received it.” They also asked not to file a second tax return or call the IRS.

How long will the tax refund information be available?

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The IRS indicated that tax refund information for personal returns filed before July 1 will be available until approximately the second or third week of December. For personal tax returns filed after July 1, the tax refund information will be available until the following year until you file a statement tax for a more recent year.

If your refund check was undeliverable and returned by the Post Office, your refund information will be available until the following year, until you file another tax return for a more recent year, the tax agency said.

Other IRS application

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The IRS also has an application, called IRS2Go, that will allow you to check the status of your refund from your mobile device. This application can be downloaded on iPhone or Android. Through this tool, the IRS communicates to taxpayers the three steps their refund goes through and sends notices when it progresses in each of them.

The steps are: Statement received, refund approved, and refund sent. Typically, the refund reaches taxpayers in a period of 21 days or less, but work inactivity due to the coronavirus has affected the normal performance of the agency.

When to contact the IRS?

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According to the IRS, nine out of ten refunds are issued in approximately 21 days. If you want to expedite this process, the IRS recommends combining e-file with direct deposit. “Taxpayers claiming the Earned Income Tax Credit (EITC) or the Additional Child Tax Credit (ACTC) will see their refunds, which by law will be held until mid-February, after February 15,” says the IRS in your portal.

While waiting for the money to reach their hands soon, some taxpayers are getting impatient, but the IRS is clear when it indicates that they should only call the agency only if it has been 21 days or more since they filed their electronic return, they have already it has been six weeks or more since you submitted your physical or paper return or the Where’s My Refund? instructs you to contact the IRS.

IRS will extend tax filing until May 15

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For the second year in a row, the IRS will extend the deadline for filing taxes. This time he will do it for one more month, that is, until May 15, reported the New York Times. The agency has come under increasing pressure to give Americans more time to do their tax returns, and the pressure appears to have paid off.

The IRS has not yet made an official statement on the matter, but, since several media outlets in the country have come forward with the news, they are expected to do so soon. According to a congressional aide who knows about the decision, the agency would have taken it as a way to give taxpayers more time to update their returns as a result of the pandemic.

IRS will extend tax filing until May 15

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Like 2020, this is shaping up to be an atypical year. The start date of the tax filing season was also postponed. Now, the closing of the season, which is usually April 15, will run until May 15, giving taxpayers one more month to file their taxes, according to the assistant who declared on condition of anonymity pending the official announcement.

Last year, the IRS delayed the delivery period until July 15, with the idea of ​​giving people more time to organize their finances in the middle of a difficult year. This year will be no different, although the delivery time may be shorter.

Tax season now through May

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According to the NYT source, the IRS is offering taxpayers additional time to ease the burden amid the pandemic. In particular, in more delicate cases such as that of millions of citizens who have lost their jobs or whose working hours have been reduced, their income has a direct impact on their income.

It also has to do with the recent approval of the American Rescue Plan, since the Senate approved a key change only for the 2020 returns and that is that this time the law exempted the first $ 10,200 of unemployment benefits from taxes for those who have generated income of less than $ 150,000.

Pressure for a decision

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Why will IRS extend tax filing until May 15? The pressure had been building up. On Tuesday, the American Institute of Certified Public Accountants explained in a statement that the pandemic had created “immeasurable difficulties” for filers and that it was “uphill” for them to meet the filing deadline.

“The IRS must not overlook the impact that the pandemic has had on this year’s tax filing season,” said the group of professionals. In addition, Republican and Democratic lawmakers also extended the request to the agency to postpone the delivery deadline.

How to file taxes?

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According to the IRS, taxpayers have two ways to file their taxes: on paper and online. If you do it digitally: “Generally, you will receive your refund within 3 weeks of the date the IRS receives your return, even faster if you choose to have it directly deposited into your checking or savings account.” it is read on their website.

Instead, if the person chooses to “mail a paper Form 1040 for US individual income tax returns, it may take 6 to 8 weeks to process their return” to receive their refund.

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