A photo of Xavier Ortiz is leaked where he reveals what he suffered for his son

A photo of Xavier Ortiz is leaked where he reveals what he suffered for his son In the image he appears celebrating one of his last birth...

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  • A photo of Xavier Ortiz is leaked where he reveals what he suffered for his son
  • In the image he appears celebrating one of his last birthdays
  • The former Garibaldi was going through a fight for the custody of his only son

Xavier Ortiz son photo. After the ex wife of Xavier Ortiz broke the silence after his unexpected death, a photo has been leaked in which the Mexican artist revealed what he was suffering for his son.

The photo was published by Xavier Ortiz himself in early 2019 on his account Instagram and in it he appears with his son, Xavier Ortiz de León, denouncing that once again he was not allowed to celebrate his birthday with him.

“Today you are 7 years old daddy, this photo is of my birthday and I cry because they did not let me make a cupcake, we will have to celebrate in a big way, son, I will take care of that, I love you,” wrote the former Garibaldi next to the image Posted on January 12, 2019.

In his message he does not give more details, but since they were going through a separation and were fighting for the custody of the boy, now eight years old, it is understood that the artist was referring to his ex, Carissa de León, especially by the messages of support that he began to receive back then.

“Do not Cry! He knows he has a dad who loves him and that’s the most important thing! Greetings from Brazil! ”A follower consoled him.

“Courage friend, your son knows how much you love him and soon the reward time for both will come!”, Someone else wrote him on that occasion.

But after the ex-Garibaldi’s suicide last Tuesday, everything got worse for his ex-wife, Carissa de León, and we’ll tell you why on the next page.

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And it is that apparently, the followers of Xavier Ortiz have taken to the task of seeing the last publications that he made in life and have not been able to stop commenting on the photo in which the artist confesses to crying because they did not let him celebrate the seventh birthday of your son.

“How bad the child’s mother, one day she will pay for each tear that causes that father, DEP,” said an Instagram user.

“This is what your son will see when he grows up and he will know that it was largely because of his mother who did not let him live with her son, what do those women have in mind who out of spite take their children away from their parents? what happens to them? It makes me angry that there are such selfish women ”, questioned someone else.

“I saw an interview where he said that he was out of work and then called his son and nobody passed it on to him on video calls, that everyone was busy and that he felt sad without seeing his son. I have always said that a woman destroys a man, there are weak people who make that decision because they are cornered ”, was another comment.

But things did not stop there and on the next page we will tell you what caused the photo.

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More fans of Xavier Ortiz, moved by the publication of the late artist, began to react.

“You don’t play with people’s feelings! You have to put yourself in the place of the affected person and be more tolerant. QEDP unfortunately her loss, she is already resting and not suffering for not having her son with her and not being able to see her, whatever the circumstances, ”was another comment.

“Unfortunately mothers use their children as a weapon in the middle of a divorce, there are the consequences, you no longer have a rival, now explain to your son THE true REASON,” wrote a user to Xavier Ortiz’s ex.

“He fought him so much, because now he will not fight anymore … selfish, selfish and materialistic people, when the couple no longer have, they are no longer worth, he said that he was selling the house to raise it with her and that economically he could not see his son and he preferred not to talk about it and now he was throwing doves of peace, if we don’t help each other, no one will, we must overcome all sadness and not let it lead us to depression, we must overcome it, God help us … RIP and strength to the family and their little boy who will miss him ”, commented another user.

But there was no shortage of people who realized what Xavier Ortiz was keeping inside him and we will tell you about it on the next page.

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Although his death took family, friends and fans by surprise, now is when many believe that Xavier Ortiz was already giving signs of help and the photo with his son Xavier is proof of this.

“How sad, this man was screaming for HELP !!!! Now his friends and the lady actress come out crying, who says she would have taken him home !!! Please, when we die we are good and everyone wanted to help us !!! WHY DIDN’T THEY DO IT IN LIFE? From what I see he did not hide his situation and where were they to help him? Now they can’t talk because they cry !!!! How sad, how selfish we are and what a bad world. God have him in his glory ”, was the opinion of an Instagram user.

“Exact! This poor man was alone, he was crying out for help, ”someone else agreed.

“I was crying out for help … no one read between the lines or they were ignorant … poor Xavi,” added another user.

“And that bad girl still has the face of going to Xavi’s funeral, what for? He is gone, if in life he did not want it ”, stressed another fan.

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