A photo of the Charro’s wife when she was 17 appears (VIDEO)



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  • A photo of Mayrita when she was 17 years old appears on social media
  • The member of El Charro y la Mayrita remembers when she was Erik Roberto’s girlfriend
  • Users say she looks much better now at 31 years old

After the controversy that the singer Erik Roberto went through for offending Hispanics by calling them filthy people in one of his videos, his wife Mayra Torres, a member of El Charro y la Mayrita, shared a video showing how she looked when she was 17 years old, but not everything was as expected.

Through their Instagram account El Charro y la Mayrita, they shared a recording where the Mexican singer talks about the time when he was dating his partner, and states that she was only 17 years old, and they decided to show a snapshot of the influencer’s wife at that age.

Mayra Torres at age 17

El Charro and La Mayrita 17 years
PHOTO Instagram

But immediately the followers of the couple who help to strengthen marriages with funny videos and wise advice, were present in the comments and apparently, they did not like the appearance of the Salvadoran, when she was not yet an old person.

Several Internet users mentioned that Mayra Torres looks better now that she is 31 years old, they even said that the years have favored her a lot: “She looks much better now”, “now she is more beautiful”, “the years suited them very well because Mayrita is very beautiful ”.

La Mayrita 17 years old: Who are El Charro and La Mayrita?

El Charro and La Mayrita 17 years
PHOTO Instagram

Erik Roberto and Mayra Torres are a young couple with more than ten years of marriage. The Hispanic couple have inspired thousands of married couples to live a better life. Since they constantly publish videos about the daily things that couples usually experience.

It is also understood that Erik and Mayra, of El Charro y la Mayrita, reside in Terrell, Texas with their three children Valentina, Erik and Amalia. Erik Roberto, better known as El Charro, is a singer of ranchera music who became famous for offending Hispanics by calling them flea towns.

La Mayrita 17 years: Erik Roberto shows off his wife

El Charro and La Mayrita 17 years old 3
PHOTO Instagram

There is no doubt that the couple constantly shows the great love they have and tries to share it with their followers, by giving advice to maintain a good marriage, this time the singer again shows off his wife showing the differences of when they were dating, now that they are married.

“She was 17 years old when she was my #girlfriend, now she is 31 years old and she is my #hermosa”, wrote El Charro in the post in which Mayra appears with an elegant and short beige dress, where she demonstrates the great beauty she possesses and without a doubt, the netizens were left with their mouths open. TO SEE THE VIDEO CLICK HERE

La Mayrita 17 years old: Enchanted users

El Charro and La Mayrita 17 years 4
PHOTO Instagram

Most of the couple’s followers have commented on how beautiful Mayrita looks now, even looking better than when she was young: “Mayris is so beautiful, your dress is beautiful, can you tell me which store you bought it in?”What a beautiful Mayris ”,“ beautiful couple, God bless you ”.

“The external beauty is evident, but the internal one more … and Mayris is a great woman and mother, congratulations and God keep you for many more years with your beautiful children, blessings !!”, “She looks beautiful with a dress”, ” Mayrita is very beautiful, blessings ”,“ she is more beautiful with the years ”,“ you are more beautiful now ”, were some of the comments.

La Mayrita 17 years old: They recreate real events

PHOTO Screenshot

They have constantly shared videos of cases that they tell them, as previously the Mexican singer Erik Roberto, a member of El Charro y la Mayrita, recreated a recording about a case of a man who lost his wife for less and as usual, in the end he gave advice to all couples or married couples who watch your videos.

Through its channel Youtube, El Charro shared a video where he recreates a real event about a divorcing couple, in this case Erik plays the role of an unfaithful man addicted to alcohol, and Mayrita appears as the woman who decides to separate from her partner.

The “only man” who can take away Mayrita

Chaparro Chuacheneguer women
PHOTO Instagram

After the rumor spread that they were going through a marital crisis, although later they were in charge of denying this information, El Charro, a Mexican singer who offended immigrants by calling Latino towns ‘pulgosos’, presents the “only man ”That you can take from the Mayrita: Chaparro Chuacheneger.

It was through his official account Instagram, where he has more than one million 200 thousand followers, that Erik Roberto uploaded an image together with the Mexican comedian Alejandro Rodríguez, better known as Chaparro Chuacheneger, who is known for his extraordinary “handsomeness”.

La Mayrita 17 years old: They tell the Charro that they can “lower” the Mayrita

PHOTO Instagram

“The only man on this earth who can take Mayris from me for being handsome: El Chaparro Chuacheneger. Thank you @ranchomoficial for presenting it to me ”, wrote El Charro, without imagining the reactions that this publication would cause among users. He had previously participated in one of his videos where he stays with his wife.

“Waters that do bring it down”, “what bearing, what arms”, “and what are you? They are identical ”,“ well yes, because he is the most handsome of all ”,“ pair of handsome men ”,“ your twin brother, they are the same ”,“ how handsome, Charrito beat you ”,“ they are both so handsome, They look like twins”.

Bad relationship with your mother-in-law?

PHOTO Instagram

A few hours after the Mexican singer who offended immigrants by calling Latino towns ‘pulgosos’ uploaded a photo with the ‘only man’ who can take away his wife, Mayrita, Erik Roberto surprised with another publication in your social network profile.

In a video of just under a minute, El Charro confirmed that he does not have a good relationship with his wife’s “mother”, an impersonator of the Mexican singer Paquita la del Barrio, who did not hesitate to sing the song Rata de dos legs (TO WATCH THE VIDEO CLICK HERE).

They criticize El Charro for ‘showing off’ the Mayrita

PHOTO Instagram El Charro and La Mayrita

Are you afraid of losing it? It is not the first time that Erik Roberto shares a video where he flatters the beauty of his wife, and on this occasion, in which he referred to La Mayrita as a “cool woman”, the criticisms were immediately present, in addition to making her some caveats.

“A friend of mine was so bragging about his wife and she was so crazy that they took her down and the husband was left without her”, “I understand that it is okay to praise your partner, show love, and say many nice things, but what both you have to put it in publicity as if you were promoting an item for sale “(TO SEE THE VIDEO CLICK HERE). Filed Under: El Charro y la Mayrita 17 years old

Did they cheat on El Charro?

PHOTO Instagram El Charro and La Mayrita

Between jokes … In another video that is available on the social networks of El Charro and la Mayrita, the Mexican singer confesses to his wife that he was unfaithful with a co-worker, but what he did not count on was that she say she had cheated on him three times.

As mentioned above, the couple denied the rumors of a possible separation, but it is striking that they frequently, as a joke, touch on the subject of infidelity in their videos, which is why their followers no longer know what to think. about it (TO WATCH THE VIDEO CLICK HERE). Filed Under: El Charro y la Mayrita 17 years old.

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