A miracle happens! Woman gives birth and her baby is dead, but a prayer provokes the unexpected (VIDEO)

FOTO: MH Archivo
  • A miracle happened to a Brazilian woman who gave birth and the doctors gave her the worst news
  • For a mother, it is tragic that her baby is stillborn and that apparently happened to a Brazilian
  • However, faith moves mountains and the woman causes a miracle with the power of her prayer

A video of a Brazilian woman who thought her baby was stillborn has shocked the world as it began to go viral.

The images show a woman who speaks Portuguese, apparently from Brazil in the delivery room and desperately asking for prayers for her baby.

Apparently, at the time of giving birth, the doctors noticed that the baby was dead and communicated it to the mother, who desperately begged for help crying.

To say goodbye to your little baby, doctors They place the baby on the mother’s breast, who commends herself to her prayers by launching a plea for a miracle to occur.

Miracle happens to a woman who thought her baby was stillborn!  (Facebook)

Miracle happens to a woman who thought her baby was stillborn! (Facebook)

And when she least thought about it, while crying inconsolably while someone recorded her with her dead baby on her breast, the long-awaited miracle happened.

When the doctors and the woman least expected it, the little baby began to cry astonishing everyone while the mother prayed with all her might.

Quickly the comments for the video published on the Facebook page ‘Viroleño news’ appeared: “God works and for him there is nothing impossible”, “Heavenly Father, how great is your power and love for your children”, “How beautiful”, “Miracles do exist”, “He made me cry”, “God is life, faith and hope is always next to a mother”, “When God works, He makes it perfect when you need it.”


Woman thinks her baby is stillborn (Video: Facebook)

Woman thinks her baby is stillborn (Video: Facebook)

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