A man is eaten alive by a crocodile in Tamaulipas (VIDEO)

A man was eaten by a 9-foot-long (3-meter) crocodile This happened in a lagoon in the state of Tampico The terrible event was recorded by...

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  • A man was eaten by a 9-foot-long (3-meter) crocodile
  • This happened in a lagoon in the state of Tampico
  • The terrible event was recorded by a young woman who observed how she devoured the man

According to a report from The opinion, a man died in a lake after being eaten alive by a nearly 9-foot-long crocodile.

This occurred after the man went swimming at the lagoon del Carpintero where it is prohibited because it has the presence of these creatures, located in the municipality of Tampico Tamaulipas which is a border state.

According to witnesses who were in the place, they observed how the subject entered the lagoon to swim and seconds later he was attacked by one of the creatures, all this was recorded.

Man eaten by crocodile 1


In the recorded video you can already see when the man is swimming in the lake and you can see two crocodiles that go after him, shocked the young people who recorded the moment said: “Your pin … mother, no mam … you are worth cheese ”.

At that moment one of the crocodiles reached the man, submerging him in the water and then devouring him: “no mom … he already grabbed him,” commented the people who were filming.

“He already took it, he is going to swallow it,” they commented after seeing how the animal grabbed and submerged the man who was swimming to save his life, which he could not achieve.

After having passed this terrible moment, a young woman can be heard saying to another young woman: “tell the police that the crocodile already grabbed it, that it submerged it.”

The video has already gone viral since it has more than 4 thousand reproductions on Twitter, which is where the video can be seen since it was published by the Tamaulipas state account.


Man eaten by crocodile. The firefighters who were alerted by an emergency call that they made, mounted an operation to find the body of the victim.

Several witnesses observed from a distance how one of these crocodiles had the man between his teeth, and introduced him to the bottom of the lagoon to be able to devour him.

In an interview with a person from the authorities, he commented that the subject was from the street who did not have a home and that he was apparently between 50 and 60 years old, in addition to that he had wounds in the neck, arm and in the thorax and the subject was without clothes.

“When we arrived, the person was already in the lake, and that was when one of the creatures reached it and submerged it,” one of the authorities’ staff commented in the interview.

When asked if the victim was destitute, he replied: “I don’t really know, I know that the investigation staff is already working on the case and the other data and they will provide it later.”

In that lagoon it is forbidden to go swimming, nor is it possible to carry out any aquatic activity due to the large number of crocodiles in the lagoon and so that events like these do not happen.

According to witnesses, the victim undressed and jumped into the lagoon, according to a report from Agencia Reforma.

Tampico firefighters arrived at the scene to try to rescue the man, who was submerged by the crocodile. After a few minutes the body was rescued with signs of bites derived from the animal’s attack.

The Fire Commander, Juan García Hernández, reported that it was a single animal that perpetrated the attack. “It was only one, but many proliferate here, there were already others who were about to approach,” he said.

Man eaten by crocodile 2


Man eaten by crocodile. These types of attacks had already been seen, remembering when the vacation of a family in Mexico City became a tragedy, then the news was released that a crocodile attacked a 6-year-old boy in Ixtapa Zihuatanejo and that as a result of this , is very serious, according to information published by the Infobae news portal.

The bloody events took place a few months ago in the port of Ixtapa Zihuatanejo, in the state of Guerrero. Apparently the boy was in the area of ​​a bridge in the hotel where he was staying with his family, while on vacation.

The Pacifica Ixtapa hotel has some specimens in captivity for the enjoyment of tourists and adapts the place to provide protection.

Man eaten by crocodile. It was in September of last year, that due to the possible presence of crocodiles in the face of heavy rains, 23 schools in the state of Tamaulipas were notified to stay on alert and in communication with municipal authorities.

Edgar Ávalos, Director of Education in Ciudad Madero, reported that the problem was mainly in the north, due to the proximity to lagoons and some marshy areas.

“We have abundant crocodiles in the area, we live in a lagoon area. With these rains, we have to be more alert in our schools, “he explained in an interview at the time. “There are around 23 that we have detected. There are nearby schools, preschool, elementary, secondary, we have to be on the lookout ”.

During the rainy season, he said, reports of crocodiles wandering in urban areas increase, because the level of water bodies rises and they tend to become confused and leave their habitat. He assured that they had not had reports of attacks, and that that is precisely what they wanted to avoid.

“There is a project by our mayor (Adrián Oseguera) to beautify these areas of the lagoon, although the main thing we want to do is fence the lagoons where there is more risk and prevent the crocodiles from leaving,” he said.

The official assured that the educational authorities knew that in the presence of a crocodile, they had to report immediately to Civil Protection and the Education Center.

He asked the population to avoid taking photographs or videos of the crocodiles so as not to expose themselves to being attacked. “For nothing in the world come to capture them or take pictures, we take care of that,” he said.



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