A Hispanic could hold the ‘key’ to get the long-awaited Immigration Reform approved

A Hispanic could hold the ‘key’ to get the long-awaited Immigration Reform approved Senator Alex Padilla could be in a ‘...

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  • A Hispanic could hold the ‘key’ to get the long-awaited Immigration Reform approved
  • Senator Alex Padilla could be in a ‘privileged’ position to achieve the Immigration Reform
  • Yet he faces a ‘titanic’ task

A Hispanic could hold the ‘key’ to get the long-awaited Immigration Reform approved. The Hispanic Senator from California, Alex Padilla, could be in a “privileged” position to achieve the change that millions of undocumented immigrants hope for.

Padilla, who marched with hundreds of thousands of Latinos in California to demonstrate against the anti-immigrant Proposition 187 27 years ago, could help to ‘unblock’ the long-awaited Immigration Reform that would grant papers to millions of immigrants.

What does the Hispanic have to do to ‘get’ Immigration Reform?

Hispanic Immigration Reform, Alex Padilla
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The Democratic senator from California now has the “mission” to persuade congressmen in Washington to obtain Immigration Reform, a project that has been “stalled” in both houses, in large part by Republican opposition.

Alex Padilla, who is the first Latino to represent the state of California in the Senate, is optimistic about the Immigration Reform, according to the San Diego Union-Tribune. In addition, he has said that the law is a priority with the control of the Senate and the House of Representatives in the hands of the Democrats.

“Absolute Priority,” Hispanic Says About Immigration Reform

Hispanic Immigration Reform, Alex Padilla
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“No state has a higher stake in it than California, and it’s who I represent, so it’s a top priority. I come urgently, ”Padilla was quoted as saying by the San Diego Union-Tribune. However, he could still have a tough road with such a closely divided Senate.

And it is that with 50 seats from the Republican party and 50 from the Democrat, large projects such as Immigration Reform need bipartisan support, in the midst of a strong polarization that was ‘seen’ last year with Trump in the presidency.

Will ‘small’ reforms happen instead?

Hispanic Immigration Reform, Alex Padilla
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The goal of Biden and the Hispanic senator, Alex Padilla for an Immigration Reform is to approve it in a comprehensive way, however, with the recent situation on the border and the Republican opposition, they could be considering sending it in ‘parts’ to get it through.

“My preference is how we can do it,” said the Hispanic. “It was definitely a priority from the moment the appointment was announced. Updating our immigration laws should have been done a long time ago, ”he added.

Why the Hispanic could have the ‘key’ to grant papers to immigrants?

Hispanic Immigration Reform, Alex Padilla
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Senate leaders gave Alex Padilla the ‘privileged’ position on the Upper House subcommittee, where he will have the opportunity to ‘fight’ for Immigration Reform. “He wants the panel to focus on citizenship and has renamed it Immigration, Citizenship and Border Security,” the aforementioned medium indicates.

The country’s attention has focused in recent days on the tense situation at the border, where tens of thousands of immigrant children have arrived, and have been welcomed by the Biden government. However, this situation could have complicated the work to approve the Immigration Reform.

Have you already ‘got to work’?

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The bill called “Citizenship Law for Essential Workers”, reached Alex Padilla, this legislative text seeks to grant citizenship to more than 5 million undocumented immigrants who are at the ‘front’ of the pandemic as essential workers, he indicates the San Diego Union-Tribune.

Padilla, has initiated conversations with his colleagues in the Senate, to share, first-hand, his experience as the son of immigrants. The Hispanic senator has said that the Immigration Reform is not only “moral and humane”, but “the right thing to do,” according to the newspaper cited.

Hispanic in Senate will ‘promote’ Immigration Reform

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“The 100 of us who are here come from different states, different life experiences, different perspectives. Stories like mine, experiences like mine, have not been heard enough throughout the history of the Senate, and that is part of my opportunity and my responsibility, ”said Padilla.

The Hispanic is the only first-generation son of Mexican parents who has reached the Senate, indicates the San Diego Union-Tribune. His parents became Americans after the passage of Proposition 187. Padilla may not ‘be alone’.

Immigration Reform: Good for the country, according to the Hispanic

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And it is that, six other Latino senators who are representing millions of citizens, and who are children of Cuban immigrants or come from migrant families with “long time” in the United States, could help Hispanics with the reform.

“It should be bipartisan, because not only is it good for immigrants, it is good for the country. We know this throughout our nation’s history. And it’s good for the economy. I know it may not be easy, but I think it is very feasible, “said the Hispanic on Immigration Reform.

Migration crisis could complicate the approval of the reform

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“Unfortunately, what is happening on the border right now is going to really inflame people’s emotions, and I think it makes anything more difficult to do, which I think is very unfortunate,” said Republican Senator John Cornyn. and a colleague on the Padilla subcommittee, according to the aforementioned media.

Recently, Democrats in the lower house approved two bills that would give roles to millions of young people under the protection of Deferred Action for Childhood Arrivals, and to farm workers and their families living in the United States.

Situation on the border makes them ‘abandon’ the reform

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Lindsey Graham, a Republican senator who introduced a bill to give citizenship to millions of Dreamers, stated that because of the situation on the southern border of the country, he would not support the law he co-sponsored itself, if it is put to a vote.

“I think it’s going to be really difficult to get a bipartisan bill that comes together on anything that has a legalization component until the flow stops,” Sen. Lindsey Graham told reporters, according to the San Diego Union. Tribune.

They trust that Hispanic will achieve ‘the impossible’ with Immigration Reform

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“He leans on tough issues,” Sacramento Mayor Darrell Steinberg said of Hispanic Alex Padilla and the push for Reform. While Congresswoman María Elena Durazo said that “He knows the struggles of immigrants. He knows the essential role they have played ”.

The above, because “he has experienced it. He lived it. His family lived it. His neighbors lived it, “said the congresswoman according to the aforementioned media. “Alex Padilla doesn’t see immigration reform as a bill; He sees it as an opportunity for the United States of America to reconcile with itself, ”said Representative Tony Cárdenas.

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