A girl misinterprets the blessing of the father in the church (VIDEO)

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  • A video goes viral on social networks after showing a girl her innocence
  • The girl shows her innocence after interpreting something else when she received the blessing of a father
  • The video can be seen through the Instagram application

Little girl bumps father’s hand. Hight five! Through social networks, a video of a little girl who hit the hand of a father while receiving his blessing in a video became viral. church.

And it is that the girl showed her innocence after seeing that the father raised his hand to bless her and the little girl decided to hit her hand causing the father to not hold back the laugh of that witty girl.

This happened inside a church, it is not yet known if it was a Sunday mass or a christening ceremony.

Girl high-fives father's hand 1


The official Instagram account of the morning show @a new day was in charge of sharing the video who wrote a caption written next to the publication: “High five apparently that was what the little girl caught and the priest could not contain himself laughing.

Several followers did not take long to comment on the video of the little girl: “and this is how God takes the children high five”, commented a netizen in the publication.

Another Internet user commented: “This video made my day… God Bless that pure and innocent heart… But Jesus said: Let the children come to me, and don’t stop them; for of such is the kingdom of heaven.

There was another follower who took the time to comment on the girl’s mother: “And Mrs. all Fashions with her mouth cover just like the dress !! I opened it from the sleeves of the dress ”.

“The children and their innocence. Beautiful ”,“ the priest can’t stand laughing ”,“ how beautiful. God took good care of her and he was also nice and in a good mood “,” He’s a girl and nothing happens, something to tell when he is older “,” What is innocence !. God bless you “,” I am already seeing my little girl on the day of her baptism “,” That is the beauty of “innocence” that must be protected so much “, were some of the various comments that different followers made.


Little girl bumps father’s hand. The innocence of a child is compared to nothing and it is worth remembering another moment about innocence as the case that we will see. In a video that has gone viral, we see a little girl turning 3 years old.

She is happy, behind the birthday cake with her little candle, the divine setting for the photo, the others surround her. They sing him Happy Birthday and he is ready to blow out his candle and make his wish.

Raging birthday madness goes viral

Little girl bumps father’s hand. From the beginning he seems to have studied what he is going to do without caring about stealing the protagonist’s moment. Your face, when you get it, is priceless.

She is a consummate and refined “lousy baddie” that manages to get the other out of her senses and remain like a dead fly.

We are obviously using humor to describe what happened. They are two very young girls, who are also sisters, in a very common situation between brothers.

Jealousy, protagonism, tantrums, everything is normal in the growth of children.

But this video has been a success because it shows it in such a nice and unexpected way that it has even created controversy and memes about who is the baddest and who are these girls.

You can see the video yourself below and all that that caused on Twitter.


Girl high-fives father's hand 3


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