A family dies from carbon monoxide poisoning after surviving Hurricane Laura

Hurricane Laura dead. A family in southwestern Louisiana died asphyxiated by carbon monoxide caused by a generator The family had the gen...

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  • Hurricane Laura dead. A family in southwestern Louisiana died asphyxiated by carbon monoxide caused by a generator
  • The family had the generator running in the garage, but they left the door that connects it to the house ajar
  • The identity of the dead has not been revealed as of yet.

Hurricane Laura dead. A family in southwestern Louisiana died of carbon monoxide poisoning caused by a generator in the wake of Hurricane Laura. KATC.

Lake Charles Fire Chief Shawn Caldwell announced the deaths of all five family members during a news conference Friday. Authorities said the generator was inside the home’s garage, and gases entered the home through a partially open door.

Six other deaths were reported statewide Thursday in the wake of the storm, including another person who died of carbon monoxide poisoning.

“Don’t let a generator cost you your life,” Caldwell said.

The Sheriff’s Office and the Fire Department held a press conference Friday afternoon.

Hurricane Laura dead


The Sheriff’s Office gave a full update on where crews are and first responders in Calcasieu Parish as the recovery from Hurricane Laura continues.

Parish officials say Laura is said to be the strongest hurricane to make landfall in the state in 150 years and officials say the damage is devastating. Road conditions are dangerous throughout the parish. Many roads are impassable.

Residents who wish to return to Calcasieu Parish will not fail to do so, with the understanding that there are no services available, including water, electricity, gasoline, groceries, and hospitals. All citizens who wish to return are strongly advised to secure their homes and then return to evacuation. Citizens who stay must be self-sufficient.

Residents remaining in the parish must adhere at 7 pm until 6 am curfew. Essential employees must have their work IDs with them at all times. The traffic lights do not work. When driving, treat each intersection as a four-way stop.

Louisiana and Arkansas assess the damage left by powerful Hurricane Laura

The states of Louisiana and Arkansas this Friday assess the numerous material damages that Hurricane Laura left behind after devastating this region with winds of up to 150 miles per hour (240 km / h) and severe floods, which still threaten eight million Americans.

Many schools are closed, many roads are still closed and hundreds of thousands of people remain without electricity, many of whom have had to queue for free food and water to get through these days.

Louisiana Governor John Bel Edwards said on Friday that the last few days had been “tough” and the road to recovery “will not be easy” and that this is the time when the state will once again show its “strength” .

While they get it, he warned that the storm has passed, but left behind several dangers and asked the population to follow the recommendations of the authorities and be aware of avoiding unnecessary risks.

As shown by one of the last known deaths related to Laura’s passage through the region, a man who died of carbon monoxide poisoning when turning on an electricity generator inside his home.

In total, six fatalities have been known, four from falling trees, including a 14-year-old girl who was in her home, and a man who drowned when the boat he was in sank during the hurricane.

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These six deceased are added to the list of 25 deaths that had already passed through Haiti and the Dominican Republic before entering the Gulf of Mexico and becoming the largest hurricane so far in the current hurricane season in the Atlantic basin .

But although the greatest risk has passed, about eight million people are under flood alert as Laura continues her course towards the northeastern United States.

The rains caused by Laura will affect areas of Louisiana, Arkansas, Mississippi, Alabama, Tennessee, Missouri, Kentucky and there is a risk of flash floods and river overflow.

Laura crossed Arkansas on Friday and already headed southeast of Missouri, where, according to the US Weather Prediction Center, it still generates maximum sustained winds of 30 miles per hour (45 km / h).

The wind will remain this way throughout the day, but a strengthening, accompanied by an increase in translation speed, is expected on Saturday and Sunday as the depression moves towards the Atlantic.

To this must be added that areas of Mississippi, Tennessee, Missouri, Kentucky, Arkansas and Alabama are under warning of possible tornadoes this Friday, a risk that will move to neighboring eastern states such as Pennsylvania, Virginia or Maryland this Saturday.

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Hurricane Laura made landfall Thursday off the Louisiana coast as a Category 4 hurricane and maximum sustained winds of 150 miles per hour (240 km / h), leaving a trail of destruction, although many, including President Donald, acknowledged that there had been “luck” and everything could have been much worse.

However, what the president will see when he visits the area this weekend will seem like a horror movie, although the material damage caused by Laura has yet to be quantified.

What is known is that places like Holly Beach, which was devastated, suffered the worst damage since 2005, when Hurricane Rita destroyed this community and forced the town to be rebuilt from scratch, which will now have to rebuild much of it. its buildings.

Even in Arkansas, where Laura arrived already very weakened, she has caused damage and destruction to homes, according to the photos published this Friday.

And in Louisiana, firefighters are still fighting the flames at a plant in Westlake that burst into flames this Thursday, unleashing a black chemical cloud and forcing thousands of people living in the cities near this plant that makes their homes. products for swimming pools.

Many roads remain closed and, according to the specialized website poweroutage.us, in Louisiana more than half a million customers were still without electricity this Friday, to which must be added 128,000 in Texas and 41,000 in Arkansas.

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