Photo captures the sister of the deceased Naya Rivera and her ex-husband holding hands (VIDEO)

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  • They capture Naya Rivera’s sister, Nickayla Rivera and her ex-husband, Ryan Dorsey holding hands
  • The media assure that both already live together and that it is for the education of the actress’s child
  • However, apparently this goes beyond that, since they say they already seem like a couple

They capture Naya Rivera’s sister, Nickayla Rivera and her ex-husband, Ryan Dorsey caught hand in hand on public roads and raise suspicions of a possible Romance ?, according to a video posted on the Instagram account of Un Nuevo Día.

Incuso, the news portal of Infobae points out that both have already moved, this only a few months after the death of the famous actress, after drown in a lake in America.

On the page of Un Nuevo Día the following is stated in a textual way: “They find the sister and ex-husband of #NayaRivera holding hands. Nickayla Rivera reacted and defended herself from critics that he has received alleging that they only live together to raise the child and there is no romantic relationship ”.

Image taken from Instagram @unnuevodia

It all happened with a video in which the alleged couple is seen, holding hands when going down an escalator, at a Target store on September 19.

Apparently that union is only to lift each other’s spirits while going through this difficult situation and to achieve the upbringing of the child left by the actress Naya Rivera.

According to the information provided, both of them moved to a rental house in the city of Los Angeles and they have also been seen together in the gym.

After these suspicions, the influencer, sister of Naya Rivera, spoke about what is said about her and the ex-husband of the deceased actress.

In a verbatim way, he posted the following message: “In the darkest moment of my life the only thing that is important are my friends and my family. Being present for my nephew, although he may be present for me. I don’t care how things look, because no one can see every dying moment that we all endure.

To see the video click here.

But after it became known that Naya Rivera’s ex-husband and her sister were seen holding hands, there was no lack of opinions in favor and against Nickayla Rivera and Ryan Dorsey.

“Quickly, the saints of the world who do not have a tail come out to step on him to judge and draw their Machiavellian conclusions, but they tell people to throw the first one who is free from sin and they throw stones, bricks and everything they can. pull because that’s how we are, only God can judge and he is the only one who knows what is moving between the two of them, no one else, “defended one of the followers.

Still others commented: “There are lines that do not cross even if they are blurred”, “And do they have to live together to raise the child? Wtf? ”,“ Well now the real truth about what happened in that lake will come to light ”,“ not even the mother lived with him, she comes to do it for ‘the child’ ‘, hahahaha this world is getting more and more every day crazy”.

Image taken from Instagram @unnuevodia

But other people considered that it is the best option for the child of the actress Naya Rivera, who died drowned in a lake.

“It seems wonderful to me that as aunt she helps in the upbringing and well-being of her nephew, that would make her deceased sister very happy. On the other hand and without eagerness to judge, if it is about something else it seems horrible to me; Where is the respect, trust, love and loyalty? There are lines that do not cross and that is one. Where brothers eat, one does not eat, what horror! My humble opinion, ”said another woman.

“In bad taste, they do not have to live together for her to raise her nephew”, “It is sad, they already had that from before, crows”, “pure betrayals”, “all very well for the child, but yes they have romance that comes from before, “said more followers about the situation.

Image taken from Instagram @unnuevodia

Some more expressed their opinion about Naya Rivera’s sister, Nickayla Rivera and her ex-husband Ryan Dorsey: “Even though they were divorced, I was totally disrespectful from the sister, and to help raise the child, she doesn’t have to move with him. … With so many men there are ”.

But not everyone was satisfied with the explanation of Naya Rivera’s sister, who lives with the ex-husband to take care of the child.

“What madness, taking advantage of the fact that the child’s mother died”, “my cousin had a girlfriend, he had everything prepared for his local wedding, the date and other things and she died of respiratory arrest and her sister helped my cousin in the preparations for his funeral and after a couple of months they got married and had been married for 25 years, “commented other people about their experiences.

Some even judged the possible relationship: “Cain killed Abel, there are brothers who want everything one has and are worse than a stranger”, “this does not look good at all”, “I see it absolutely strange, it is not necessarily necessary to be hand in hand with your sister’s ex-husband to raise the super strange child ”.

Others commented: “Well, and who has the child will grow well, stop judging, worry about the baby, that is, there are people who are widowed and look for a person who only drives away their children or mistreats them.”

Sister Naya Rivera ex-husband

Image taken from Instagram @unnuevodia

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