A 10-year-old boy dies in a frozen pond trying to save his little sister (PHOTOS)

A 10-year-old boy dies saving his little sister in a frozen pond Days before another Hispanic boy had died due to the snowfall in Texas T...

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  • A 10-year-old boy dies saving his little sister in a frozen pond
  • Days before another Hispanic boy had died due to the snowfall in Texas
  • The little boy lost his life heroically frozen

Child dies frozen pond snowfall. A 10-year-old boy who lived in the state of Tennessee died heroically saving the life of his 6-year-old sister by accidentally falling into a pond with frozen water while playing in the snow, according to News Now.

Previously only a few days apart, another little Hispanic boy named Cristian Pavon Piñeda, lost his life in the state of Texas, while sleeping in his room, but the intense cold The snowfall ended his short life.

This terrible accident happened last Sunday, February 14, when the two little ones went out together to play in the snow that had left the winter storm.

Child dies frozen pond nevada


Suddenly the 6-year-old girl named Abigail Luckett slipped and fell into a pool of frozen water, which is located in a house in the Millington area.


After seeing that his sister’s life was in danger, little Benjamin Luckett, 10 years old, ran to help her, and try to get her out of the water, while another little brother went looking for help from a close relative.

Child dies frozen pond snowfall 2

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Around 11 in the morning, the elements of the Shelby County Fire Department came to the scene, managing to remove both children from the frozen waters of the pond to take them immediately to a hospital. According to a report from the authorities, they mentioned that they are not clear how long the children spent submerged in the water, since that day the temperature dropped to 14 degrees Celsius.

“Given that the girl survived, I would estimate that it was not that long for her to survive,” said Lt. Dallas Wolfe, public information officer for the Shelby County Sheriff’s Office.

The sister is still alive

Abigail, Benjamin’s little sister, is still hospitalized in critical condition, but last Tuesday her respirator was removed and they hope she will recover soon.

“They said the best they could say, that I was trying to keep her afloat,” said Interim Pastor Stacy Stilgenbauer of Leawood East Baptist Church, who has been known to the family for 10 years, according to the New York Daily News. .


“So it’s an incredible sacrifice that he was willing to make to save his little sister,” Stilgenbauer told Fox 8.

Benjamin sadly could not withstand the frozen waters and lost his life, but is now recognized for his heroism in saving his 6-year-old sister, even without the fear of putting his life at risk.

Deaths from the winter storm that surprised the United States have been increasing, even many citizens suffer from the cold as the electricity continues to fail, and even the water pipes are frozen.


According to Stilgenbauer, a family friend, the children’s mother, gathered her strength and told the little girl about the death of her brother. The girl was sad, but had the support of everyone and was happy for her recovery, according to Univision.

“Christine thanks everyone and asks you to please spread the word by warning parents and other children in ice-covered ponds,” Stilgenbauer said on Facebook.

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Mother of the boy who died of cold in Texas breaks the silence with tears

Mother of the Hispanic boy who died of cold in Texas ‘breaks the silence’ through tears in an interview for the Primer Impacto program, however users complained to him because he did not protect him from the low temperatures.

PHOTO Instagram First Impact

Conroe’s Hispanic mother in Texas spoke out for the first time after the tragedy that was attributed to the extreme weather that has affected much of the United States in recent days.

María Piñeda began by reporting that everything “seemed to be fine.” “He ate dinner, played quietly and went to bed,” says the affected mother of the Hispanic child, while on screen videos of the little boy playing in the thick snow appear.

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