Santa Baby: 9 Holiday Gift Ideas for the Metrosexual Man

Metrosexual males demand only the best, so spoil him rotten with the hippest and coolest grooming, tech and fashion Christmas gifts for men.

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Here we go again. It’s that time to come up with the perfect Christmas gifts for men. His skin is perfectly moisturized. His perfect name brand jeans are tapered. And that perfectly coiffed hairdo? Oh, just some pomade he picked up from Kiel’s for that dashingly disheveled look. He debates basketball with his friends, then glides into a heartfelt conversation about Downton Abbey with you. He doesn’t understand regular diner coffee either, but practically giggles at his soy cappuccino with the swirly foam. Sound familiar? Then you’ve got a metrosexual in the house. And boy oh boy, do they like receiving gifts!

So what the heck to get that man who has everything (or at least knows about everything) for the holidays? He’s not that perfect, ladies. “Every man can benefit from a little self-improvement,” says Michael Flocker in The Metrosexual’s Guide to Style. “Just as you regularly upgrade your computer, your car and, hopefully, your underwear drawer.” If he already has everything, get him the new version and he’ll be happy. Here are 15 holiday gift ideas to wow his cashmere socks off him.

1. Christmas Gifts for Men: Foreign Ale, Not beer

Christmas Gifts for Men

Men drink domestic beer. Metrosexuals drink European beer. They believe artisan beer is beautiful. Men get cases of beer for the holidays, metrosexuals get gift baskets of beer from places like where there’s a perfectly curated basket for every taste. Frankly, When it comes to Christmas gifts for men, you can never really go wrong with beer.

2. Shaving Style Guide

Beards are not only for lumberjacks anymore. Gentlemen wear beards, too. And ladies, he’ll really appreciate that you sympathize with his trimming agony as he tries to shave face. A copy of The Bearded Gentleman: The Style Guide to Shaving Face ($12.32) will ease his hairy woes.

3. Christmas Gifts for Men: Espresso Maker

Christmas Gifts for Men

It’s a machine. It’s sleek. It makes thick and strong espresso that he can brag about to your friends. Ditch the Mr. Coffee machine or upgrade to the new Vertuoline from Nespresso ($299). He’ll worship you.

4. Carhartt Jacket

The working class man has been wearing the Carhartt jacket ($94.99) for centuries. Most recently, it’s become the uniform of the lumbersexual hipster, a rare breed of metrosexual who can put together your Ikea furniture without breaking a sweat.

5. Age Fighter

Christmas Gifts for Men

Though you think those wrinkles give him a distinguished, George Clooney look, he’s not happy. When he opens this Kiehl’s Facial Fuel Anti-Wrinkle Cream ($36), you’ll also spot his laugh lines.

6. Skinny Jeans

Remember when skinny jeans were just for girls or members of The Ramones? No metrosexual should be caught dead in old pair of baggy, wide bottom blue jeans. Never! Luckily, Gap has a huge selection of stylish men’s skinnies.

7. Esoteric Cologne

A metrosexual applying perfume on his body

He will not smell like Brute or Drakar. He will smell ethereal and clean. So what better than Annick Goutal’s Eau D’Hadrien Cologne ($70.90) a unisex fragrance that smells like citron and is available in France or high-end department stores?

8. Cashmere Socks

This just might be something he really wants, but just hasn’t splurged to buy because he doesn’t really need them. That’s why you’re there to give it to him. Luxury on the feet. Try Brooks Brothers Cashmere Crew Socks ($5950).

9. Skin Saver

A metrosexual doing skincare routine

The trendy Lab Series line features their PRO LS Essentials Kit ($74) with a foaming oxygenating cleanser, a shaving cream and an all-in-one skin treatment, to help him looking handsome in a compact way.

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