8 years after the death of Jenni Rivera a sad photo is leaked (PHOTO)

Sad photo of Jenni Rivera leaks through social media Fans remember her commenting on the photo December marks the 8th anniversary of the ...

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  • Sad photo of Jenni Rivera leaks through social media
  • Fans remember her commenting on the photo
  • December marks the 8th anniversary of the death of the Diva de la Banda

In an account of Instagram where pure photos of the former singer Jenni Rivera are published, an image was leaked that caused the followers of the famous to begin to sadly remember her commenting on things like “I miss you my diva.”

It should be remembered that this month of December will be the 8th anniversary of the death of one of the best band singers that genre has had, not for nothing was nicknamed “the Diva of the Band” or “the Great Lady”.

After the death of the singer, an account was made on Instagram in memory of her publishing pure images of Jenni so that her followers will not stop remembering her and that she remains in everyone’s memory, but one image went viral as it caused much feeling in all his fans.

In the post you can see the image by Jenni Rivera where she is sitting on a chair and wearing a white shirt with black heels, it can also be seen that the singer is with her head down looking at the ground with a look of sadness.

The image is accompanied by a written text in which it says “# JENNI50”, this caused the remorse of all his Instagram followers and they were soon present, leaving everyone their comment on the published image.

“Beautiful the great lady” “tired of fighting, her moments of life performance, like every human being put strength and love to everything” “you will continue to be the queen of the band regardless of who it weighs” “what’s wrong with you my beautiful woman for me you live and I am still your fan “… these being some of the hundreds of comments you received the image.

One of the most notable comments there was was from a follower who put the following:

“When I found out that you were on that plane which had fallen, and even so I hoped you were alive I ran out to buy a CD I don’t remember if I put it on because I would know it would make me cry, then I dreamed of you, in a very green valley there was a cabin, you were in white smiling with great peace, wherever you are I think you are at peace “… a fan commented in the post.

Currently, the published image has more than 42 thousand “likes” and more than 300 comments.

sad Jenni Rivera


The singer would have turned 51 years old on July 2

Sad Jenni Rivera. In the middle of the 51st birthday, a video of the late singer Jenni Rivera in a bikini resurfaces in Acapulco, Guerrero, in Mexico.

In a publication that is available on YouTube, from “Nueva. By word of mouth! ”, You can see The Diva of the Band, who died on December 9, 2012 in a plane crash, enjoying a pleasant time accompanied by her then husband, Esteban Loaiza, her mother, Mrs. Rosa Rivera, and her daughter, Jacqie Rivera.

With more than 11 million views, this 2010 video shows Jenni Rivera as she was rarely seen: wearing a bikini and expressing her love for who her husband was at that time, former baseball player Esteban Loaiza.

Although it is not clearly distinguished in its entirety, it is perceived that the singer calmly enjoys a corn kernel while she is resting while living with her family.

And when no one expected it, La Diva de la Banda stood up to pay what she owed to a vendor, showing herself in a bikini, covered only by a black sarong.

In an oversight, Jenni Rivera was left with her back to the camera, her butt being in the foreground, revealing some imperfections.

Once in the sea, both the singer and her husband at that time, Esteban Loaiza, looked very happy and in love, without imagining that in a few more months their love story would end in a notorious divorce.

At no time, Jenni Rivera took off her sarong, although on several occasions she had to adjust her bikini bottom, which was about to make a bad move.

sad Jenni Rivera


sad Jenni Rivera. And when he enjoyed the waves of the sea, one of them seemed to disappear the singer, to the surprise of Esteban Loaiza.

Some users did not miss the opportunity to express their views after seeing Jenni Rivera as she was rarely seen in life: in a bikini, in a video that reappeared in the context of her 51st birthday.

“They should stop criticizing and see an example in her, she enjoyed life and it didn’t matter what they said to her”, “How happy Jenni looks”, “I think Jenni looks great for her age even in a bikini”, “I love you , Mommy, I love you, you are how you want, naturalita ”,“ He enjoyed the sea, like everyone else, how beautiful ”,“ On the beach you forget about imperfections ”, you can read in some comments.

Finally, an Internet user expressed himself in the following way: “I like them wide, with some hips and their round little belly … those are old, not like the bags of bones that walk through the streets of Beverly Hills.”


sad Jenni Rivera


On Jenni Rivera’s birthday, her children uncover the singer’s ‘truth’

sad Jenni Rivera. Singer Jenni Rivera, also known as La Diva de la Banda, and who tragically died in a plane crash on December 9, 2012, would turn 51 today, so her children: Chiquis, Jenicka, Jacqie, Johnny and Michael, as well as her mother, Mrs. Rosa, and her sister, Rosie, remembered her on their respective social networks with unpublished photos.

In the first place, the singer Chiquis Rivera, Jenni Rivera’s eldest daughter, shared an emotional message on her official Instagram account, which so far exceeds 60 thousand likes.

“Thank you for teaching me to be strong… to hold my head up, despite adversity. Thank you for your tough way of teaching me lessons, it was your way of showing me how much you loved me. Thank you for always saying: ‘Solve it’, when I was faced with something I didn’t know how to do… because since you left, that has been my motto ”.

Moved, Chiquis Rivera kept remembering her mother, Jenni Rivera: “Thank you for the times you said: ‘Don’t complain, Chiquis !!!’… ‘Finish what you started’… ‘You are not a victim’… ‘Don’t feel sorry of yourself ‘…’ Get up, shake your shoulders and try again ‘… all those things that have made me the woman I am today ”.

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