8-year-old girl arrives alone at the border and surrenders to immigration authorities

8-year-old girl arrives alone at the border and surrenders to immigration authorities. The Honduran girl was found by border patrol agent...

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  • 8-year-old girl arrives alone at the border and surrenders to immigration authorities.
  • The Honduran girl was found by border patrol agents.
  • Emely Antonio Domínguez Valdez was photographed at the exact moment when she turned herself in to immigration authorities.

8-year-old girl arrives alone at the border and surrenders to immigration authorities. Emely Antonio Domínguez Valdez is an immigrant girl who traveled alone across the border before turning herself in to the Border Patrol or “La Migra” and who was photographed at that exact moment.

Couples emerge from the bushes and end up on a baseball field, carrying exhausted children, The Associated Press noted. Emely Antonio Domínguez Valdez is another immigrant girls who has arrived alone at the border.

Girl arrives alone at the border and surrenders to “la migra”

girl surrenders at border

That Tuesday night scene in La Joya, a town of about 4,000 people, is repeated every night in the Rio Grande Valley of Texas and poses Joe biden one of the most serious dilemmas of his young presidency: What to do with the huge number of migrants who cross the border with Mexico every day in search of asylum.

April was the second month with the most crossings of unaccompanied minors, surpassed only by March, in which the highest number in history was registered. While families and minors seeking asylum get all the attention, more and more adults are arriving alone.

The girl who gave herself to “la migra” was photographed at the right time

girl surrenders at border

The girl surrendered to “La migra” this Thursday, May 13, 2021, after crossing the border with Mexico alone, says The Associated Press, an agency that captured the exact moment of the girl with “La migra.” The girl said crying that she could not keep up with her guides.

In April, almost two out of every three migrants who arrived in the United States were adults, less likely to surrender to authorities than families and minors, making it more difficult to know how many are crossing. In addition, the girl revealed the ‘terror’ she experienced when she lost her guides.

Girl surrenders at border: Alone and unable to contact her parents

girl surrenders at border

In addition, the girl who gave herself to “La migra” revealed that she joined another group of walkers on muddy trails in the Rio Grande Valley after a storm. He lost track of an individual who had his parents’ phone number and did not know how to contact his relatives.

The Border Patrol processed 173,460 migrants in April, 3% more than in March. It was the highest number since April 2000. Those figures, released last Tuesday, however, cannot be compared because most of the immigrants were immediately expelled, the AP says.

Girl surrenders at border: The 8-year-old is not the only one with “la migra”

Girl La Migra, Border Patrol, Border, Minors

Under the Trump administration, Mexican adults were flown to locations far from the border in the hope that they would not attempt the crossing again, but the number of repeat offenders remains high, the AP notes.

9% less than the 18,960 in March, but well above the previous peak, the 11,475 captured in May 2019. The Border Patrol has released these figures since 2009. In La Joya, a 15-year-old girl said she left Honduras without her parents or siblings in the hope of studying and getting a job that allows her to help her family.

“I want to study and work,” says 15-year-old girl ‘trapped’ at the border


He traveled for a month and a half and arrived at the baseball field with a group of migrants. She was wearing a black T-shirt with a phrase in English that she didn’t know what it meant: “Women Move Mountains,” according to AP.

“I wanted a better future for myself and my family. I want to study and work ”, he expressed. She added that she has some uncles in New York who are willing to receive her. The Associated Press does not use the girl’s name. It does not normally identify minors without parental authorization and it was not possible to obtain the identity of the parents.

“Sometimes they force you to leave your country”


Nearby, two 14- and 16-year-old Honduran sisters undid their buns and pulled the laces off their pink sneakers after an officer ordered them to place the laces and the band used on the bun in a plastic bag, along with their phones, bracelets and other belongings, says AP.

Rudys Acuña, 29, said he left Nicaragua for political reasons. He carried a four-year-old son on his shoulders as he awaited instructions from the agents. “Sometimes they force you to leave your country. It’s not what you want to do, “he said.

Expulsions at the border do not carry legal consequences


Using special powers to reject asylum claims in the midst of a pandemic, the Biden government returns to adults arriving at the border. Expulsions have no consequences, so many people try the crossing multiple times, The Associated Press reports.

Single adults, of whom, more than half of whom were Mexican, are the ones who pushed the numbers up. The Border Patrol had 108,301 “encounters” with adults traveling alone in April, 12% more than in March.

Minors and families who arrive with “la migra” have ‘special treatment’

PHOTO: Getty Images


Almost nine out of ten encounters ended with the expulsion of the migrant using the powers initially invoked by the Donald Trump administration and to which the administration of Democratic President Joe Biden continues to appeal.

Biden, however, allows unaccompanied minors to stay to apply for asylum. It also admits families with young children, setting them free while the burdened immigration courts process their applications.

Easier to enter the US because of the ‘crisis’ at the border?

PHOTO: Getty Images

Acting and retired officers say the attention given to families and unaccompanied minors makes officers focus on them, somewhat clearing the way for solo adults and traffickers to evade authorities. .

Michael Fisher, head of the Border Patrol from 2010 to 2015, said some current Border Patrol leaders told him that staff spends 40% less time patrolling to “process, prepare meals,” and do other tasks related to the increasing numbers. of minors crossing the border.

“The cartels exploit that”

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“The line is very thin at the moment, and the cartels exploit that,” he said. Agents are trying to determine how many people are avoiding capture, but Fisher believes his numbers are “a best-case estimate” in the Rio Grande Valley.

This is the most used corridor for irregular crossings, according to AP. It is a sector of dense bushes in which traditionally there are not so many sensors and that many families and children cross in groups. The Border Patrol estimates how many people evaded its checkpoints based on the footprints left by migrants, destroyed cobwebs, broken twigs and stones displaced by footprints.

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