600-pound woman dies, she was the star of a television show (PHOTOS)

600-pound woman dies of strange disease. Gina Marie Krasley was a star of My 600lb Life from the TLC channel. The recently deceased starr...

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  • 600-pound woman dies of strange disease.
  • Gina Marie Krasley was a star of My 600lb Life from the TLC channel.
  • The recently deceased starred in the eighth season of the hit show.

600-pound woman dies. Gina Marie Krasley, a star of My 600lb Life from the TLC channel passed due to a strange disease, she was 30 years old and her departure causes sadness on social networks, according to the news portal The Sun.

The recently deceased Gina Marie Krasley starred in the eighth season of the hit TLC show, and was one of the most beloved by audiences. The published obituary information indicates that she passed away on Sunday at her home in Tuckerton, New Jersey and was “surrounded by her loving family.”


600-pound woman dies
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In the same information it was written that her great passion was dancing and a trend rose in TikTok that “dancing has no size limit”, with this she became famous and many people took a lot of love for her for having great charisma.

She has been so successful in her Tik Tok account that even after her death she became even more famous as she accumulated almost a quarter of a million followers and reached almost 2 million reactions of likes from her entire audience.


Gina Marie Krasley
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People close to Gina Marie Krasley have said that one of her dreams was to open a dance studio for children with special needs. However, it will be this Sunday when the funeral service takes place in the company of friends and family.

Given this, the woman’s family asks her followers that instead of going or sending flowers, they make donations to a mental health association, this to help the people who need it most to improve their physical conditions. Filed Under: 600 Pound Woman Dies

600-pound woman dies: NUMBERED FINGERS

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According to information published by AceShowbiz, the woman recorded a video in days before her death and revealed that she was struggling with severe pain in her legs, perhaps due to the overweight she was at the time.

In addition, at that moment, he confessed that his fingers were numb, which is why his mother was the one who held the cell phone to be able to record the video, so they could realize that he was already suffering days before his death. To see the video click here.


600-pound woman dies
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In fact, they have revealed that the woman received medical attention at home, because she was unable to move and that she already had an appointment with the neurologist for Thursday, just a few days before her death.

It was evident that his health was in decline, so day by day he was feeling bad, which was recorded in his latest videos and today he is no longer with his audience, but they sent him many messages of love. Filed Under: 600 Pound Woman Dies

600-pound woman dies: SAMPLES OF AFFECTION

Gina Marie Krasley
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The displays of affection could not be absent and, verbatim, people posted written messages on social networks such as a person who said the following after his death: “I bet your [sic] dancing away from the queen of TikTok ”.

Someone else commented to her as a tribute after her death was known: “As she continued her journey on the show, she was an inspiration to me. Rip Gina can fly above us and watch over us all.”


Gina Marie Krasley
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600-pound woman dies: STATISTICS

600-pound woman dies
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