Bad news: 60 Disney Store closings announced in the US

It’s been announced that more than 60 Disney Store locations will be closed in the United States. Disney reported it would be closi...

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  • It’s been announced that more than 60 Disney Store locations will be closed in the United States.
  • Disney reported it would be closing most of its stores by the end of the year.
  • At the same time, Target announced that it will add more Disney Store locations within its stores.

More than 60 Disney Stores were announced to close. According to the media, it was decided that Disney Store locations in the Chicago area would all be closed; the news shocked its buyers, who didn’t expect the closure to take place so soon.

At the time the stores closure was announced, Target announced that it will add more Disney Store branches in its locations, so they hope that fans of the franchise will go get their favorite products to Target stores. The news is released less than a month before the deadline for Chicago stores to close is reached.

Disney Store Closings: The Announcement

Closing Disney Stores: The Announcement
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The media has announced the upcoming closure of the Disney Store stores. The news, although it is not news, shows that the statement that Disney expressed at the beginning of the year will happen earlier than planned; in accordance with Real American NewsIt was earlier this year that this unfortunate news broke, where Disney announced that it would be closing several of its independent retail stores in different locations around the world.

But that does not mean that fans of the chain have nowhere to buy Disney products. People who want to buy their products can go to the stores in the parks or consume them at a Target branch; This news surprised users on social networks, who have not stopped commenting on the problem they are facing. Filed Under: Close Disney Stores

Disney Store closes: Chicago branches to close

Disney Stores Close: Chicago Branches to Close
Photo: Disney Store Screenshot

WGN-TV reported that Disney will close its independent stores in the Chicago area in mid-September. The most popular establishments in the state will be closing their doors in the following days of the month of September and even on the official page of the Disney Store they have marked with the face of Mickey Mouse, the stores that will disappear.

The Michigan Avenue Disney Store will close on or before September 1, according to the company’s website. Stores at Woodfield Mall in Schaumburg, Chicago Premium Outlets in Aurora and Gurnee Mills in Gurnee will close later that month, according to the Chicago Tribune news outlet. Filed Under: Close Disney Stores

Disney Store closings: New Jersey says goodbye to magic

Disney store closings: New Jersey says goodbye to magic
Photo: Disney Store Screenshot

The New Jersey media noted that the closing of branches in the state will take place in September. As in Chicago, the Disney Store announced that it will say ‘goodbye’ to the branches that gave happiness to a hundred children who always visited the surroundings with pleasure and that now only one store will remain.

According to, four of the five remaining Disney stores in New Jersey are ready to close. Stores in Deptford (Deptford Mall), Edison (Menlo Park Mall), Jackson (Jackson Premium Outlets) and Paramus (Westfield Garden State Plaza) will close on or before September 15; the only store that will remain present is the Disney store in Jersey Gardens in Elizabeth and it was also announced by the official Disney Store page. Filed Under: Close Disney Stores

Disney Store closes: Los Angeles will say goodbye to its branches

Close Disney stores: Los Angeles will say goodbye to its branches
Photo: Disney Store Screenshot

On the official page of the Disney Store, it was reported the closure of one of the two branches in Los Angeles. As in the previous branches, September is the month the chain chose to close one of the two stores that are still in operation and people are expected to attend to look for company items at Target stores.

There were three stores in the state, but one of them closed permanently. The next branch to close will be in Westfield Century City, which is located on Santa Monica Boulevard; The only store that will remain open is the one located in the Citadel Outlets and has no closing date so shoppers will still be able to visit. Filed Under: Close Disney Stores

Disney Store closes: Orlando also joins

Disney Stores Close: Orlando Also Joins
Photo: Disney Store Screenshot

The news portal Real American News, announced that in the state of Orlando there will also be a place to close. Although Walt Disney World is located, that did not prevent the company from mentioning that not only a store of the brand will be closed there, but also a resort of the same chain.

The store that will close its sales is located in The Florida Mall, where after September 15 they will close their doors and say goodbye to the magic of Disney; although of course, you can continue to enjoy the Disney world theme park and the variety of attractions that are located on the site. Filed Under: Close Disney Stores

It was announced in March

It was announced in March
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Disney ad In March, it would close 20% of its physical stores this year, as the company changes its focus to electronic commerce, for this reason it began to inform the media and of course, buyers about this drastic decision. Stephanie Young was in charge of communicating the company’s decision.

“While consumer behavior has shifted to online shopping, the global pandemic has changed what consumers expect from a retailer,” announced Stephanie Young, president of consumer products, games and publishing. Five months have passed since the announcement and the closing of the branches has barely begun.

Disney Store Hope: Target

Disney's Hope: Target
Photo: Twitter

It was announced that Target plans to expand its store concept within another store as the holiday shopping season approaches. For that reason, it will begin to be observed how Disney will have a fundamental role in this planning; the idea is that by November / December, the Disney Store will add at least 100 additional stores to Target. The exact locations have yet to be announced.

For this reason, the closure of the 60 branches within the country has been activated. In all the states of the country, it was announced that before the end of September several of the branches will have to be closed and it is expected that in the coming months, the new locations within the Target branches will be announced.

Target’s release

Target's release
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Earlier in the week, Target released a statement announcing that it would add more than 160 Disney stores to its locations. This news would coincide with the Disney Store’s plans to close more than 60 branches in the country, but maintaining its validity among buyers for these Christmas times.

“Target Corporation (NYSE: TGT) today announces the return of Bullseye’s Best Toys list this holiday season, along with plans to expand to more than 160 Disney stores at Target nationwide.” launched by Target’s public relations department.

“A successful partnership”

"A successful partnership"
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In the same statement, the fact that Disney is forming a rewarding union with Target and that it will make its sales grow during this Christmas shopping season was highlighted. In addition, it was mentioned that they hope that buyers will find the best of the company making their experience unforgettable.

“As Target’s partnership with Disney continues to be a great success, guests will find the best toys from popular Disney properties, such as Star wars and Raya and the Last Dragon. ”Was mentioned in the press release, which was released earlier in the week.

The Disney Store expansion

Disney's expansion
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Likewise, they highlighted that Disney’s efforts were rewarded since in these months Target is expected to expand its business with the Disney company, opening more than 160 stores throughout the country. This idea arose, with the purpose that buyers do not stop consuming the ‘magic’ of Disney and can obtain their favorite products in those branches.

“By the end of the year, Target will expand to more than 160 Disney stores at Target locations across the country, giving more visitors the opportunity to enjoy a unique in-store experience.” confirmed that in the coming months they will be able to find more Disney products.

An online experience

An online experience
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But the experience will not only remain in the branches that are planned to open. According to the statement, it is expected that exclusive Disney products can also be found on the Target page, giving the buyer an unparalleled experience and with greater ease.

“In addition, Target continues to expand its exclusive Disney experience online for fans looking for toys and games from the most popular properties.” Said the press release issued by Target, where is assured that will offer a unique and unmatched experience for Disney-loving shoppers.

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