$300 check! WARNING: Look carefully before you throw away junk mail

A warning about $300 checks that have been issued to thousands of people in the US. Many people tend to discard what they consider junk m...

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  • A warning about $300 checks that have been issued to thousands of people in the US.
  • Many people tend to discard what they consider junk mail, but letters are going out about $300 payments, so look before you toss!
  • The warning about payments by mail has been sent to residents of a city in California.

Be careful what you throw away. This is a warning that you don’t want to ignore: Carefully check the envelopes in your mailbox. Do not immediately discard what you consider to be junk mail. Keep in mind that you could be eligible for a stimulus payment of $300 and you may be throwing away important information about how to get the money or even the payment card itself.

If you live in Santa Ana, California, and are one of thousands of residents waiting for a stimulus payment from the city, check your mail carefully. Payment letters have been mailed to eligible residents, The Sun reported on Saturday, December 11.

Warning about $300 check

warning about payment
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The stimulus payments are being sent to low-income households in Santa Ana, California. But while some residents are receiving their payments in prepaid Visa debit cards, others are being notified by mail of their eligibility to obtain the money. This is where you should pay attention.

Although details on the appearance and style of the letters are unknown, a city official told The Sun: “We plan to distribute up to 20,000 cards in person or by notifying residents by mail that they are eligible to pick them up.”

Beware the mail you toss: A warning about stimulus payments

warning about payment
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So you should consider this information as fair warning to thoroughly inspect your mail in search of a letter that verifies your eligibility and confirms when you will be able to collect your financial aid, The Sun stated in its report on the $300 payments for those who qualify in Santa Ana.

This warning is similar to those previously issued when the $1,400 and $600 stimulus checks were mailed. In those cases, the envelopes containing the payment cards did not bear any mark indicating that they were an official letter from the Internal Revenue Service, The Sun said.

Who can get the $300 check?

This aid is part of the Santa Ana Resident Stimulus Program, where a total of $6 million in payments will be sent. Eligible individuals will receive $300 prepaid Visa debit cards, The Sun newspaper reported.

Santa Ana Mayor Vicente Sarmiento has asked beneficiaries to use the card to cover local expenses in order to also help business owners in the area. Officials began handing out the cards door-to-door on December 4.

$300 payments are still going out, but how many are left?

warning about payment

About 2,700 payments have been distributed to eligible residents so far. Another 17,300 payments are still due, according to the city official quoted by The Sun. “We have several more days in December to complete them,” added the official.

However, he was unable to specify which zones have received payments and which are still waiting for their cards. To be eligible, rental unit poverty rates must be above the Santa Ana average of 42%, The Sun explained.

The rest of the state continues receiving aid

warning about payment
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This help from the City of Santa Ana comes as the state continues to send out stimulus payments. Under California’s Golden State Stimulus II, payments are up to $1,100 and are sent to residents who earn less than $75,000 per year and who have filed 2020 taxes by October 15.

The last batch of checks was sent to zip codes with the last three digits ranging from 585 to 719. That area will continue to receive payments until December 17. Then, the calendar for the mailing of remaining paper checks is: 720-927, from December 13 to December 31, and 928-999, from December 27 to January 11, 2022. By the end of the year, about nine million residents will receive their checks.

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