30 colors of your aura that describe your personality

Have you ever wondered what the aura is and how does this radiation of light influences the way your personality develops? Well, the real...

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Have you ever wondered what the aura is and how does this radiation of light influences the way your personality develops? Well, the reality is that the aura, although it is imperceptible to the human eye, hides a lot of information that can be relevant with respect to the body, spirit and energy of people.

The aura is divided into seven bodies: the etheric body, which is the physical body; the emotional body, which refers to a person’s mood; the mental body, which is one that refers to the consciousness of the individual; the spiritual body, which is related to a person’s purpose; the greater body, and, finally, the divine body. These are their colors!

  • Red

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What does the red aura indicate in a person? People whose aura is predominantly red are beings with great positive energy and a healthy ego. This makes them people connected to the here and now, who are willing to seek solutions and find the solution to problems.

The color red is related to action, passion and vitality, so those whose aura is mostly red tend to favor physical activation, travels and strong emotions, in addition to being extremely competitive, which is usually a great ally at work, sport and in life in general.

  • Orange

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Human beings born with an orange aura are often adventurous and spontaneous, as well as highly creative. That need to explore the world is complemented by the curiosity they need to expand their curiosity and interests; these people lean more on the artistic side.

Good humor, positivism, creativity, generosity and good humor are just some of the characteristics that make individuals with orange aura friendly people with whom it is easy to live in any environment, but this does not mean that they are not passionate, although they know how to control their emotions.

  • Blue

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Although there are different shades of blue that can appear in the aura of humans, this color is associated with tranquility, serenity, peace and healing in body and soul. However, this aura hides a side that can be stormy for those who carry it.

The character and abilities of a person will vary depending on the tone of the aura, but perhaps one of the characteristics that most emerges from it is great creativity, which on many occasions can lead individuals to create negative scenarios, although this is not the norm, and they are creative and peaceful people.

  • Yellow

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Yellow is the color of vitality and good humor. If your aura is yellow, you probably have a way of being very free and happy, capable of infecting everyone around you and helping them live an existence free of grudges, fears or feelings of guilt or shame.

These people are usually very studious, and this is because they like to stimulate their intelligence and explore their most creative side to discover the truths of the universe. An important detail of the yellow aura is that it encourages human beings to relax and give up control of their life to the universe.

  • Green

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The green color in the aura represents good news, since when it is present in the human being it is capable of inviting them to focus their thoughts on the present and contemplate their future, moving away from the stress that usually arises from everyday situations; without a doubt, the color green is one of the best allies.

The simplicity of a relaxed life is a priority for people with this aura, and it is not uncommon for them to be highly communicative people, expressing their feelings and sharing them with those around them, as well as being fully connected with the beauty of nature.

  • Indigo

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The indigo aura is one of the most special, since it transmits different qualities and benefits of people. This color not only represents the inner peace of human beings, but also the originality of people to lead their life authentically and happily regardless of external opinion.

These people are intuitive, highly sensitive, and sweet; Although sometimes their very sensitivity leads them to suffer too much from their own experiences, they are always willing to find the easiest way to overcome obstacles and make their spirituality grow day by day.

  • Silvery

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The silver aura has a very special connection with women and with mystery. If a woman has a silver aura, it means that she is in an ideal time to seek a pregnancy, because the spiritual connection with herself and with the world is clearer than ever.

The silver aura is very present in times of loss, as it is the strength that people need to overcome sadness and channel their emotions in a way that allows them to continue on their path and readjust their steps to get the most out of their life. .

  • rose

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This is the aura of hope, of illusion and, generally speaking, of an optimal state of mind. A pink aura is directly related to falling in love, not only with the partner, but also with oneself. The security that emanates from a pink aura is something that makes life more bearable for all who reflect this aura.

The pink aura is inevitably tender, and this results in people seeking peace among all human beings. Thus, they present themselves as mediators in moments of tension, since it is uncomfortable for them to go through life with an emotional instability that can be resolved through dialogue.

  • Golden

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The golden aura is connected to a higher being, so it leads people to seek and find the wisdom to share with everyone around them. This type of spirituality leads to a clarity in the purpose of life, so if you are a person with the golden aura, surely from a very young age you know what your vocation is.

There are three characteristics that distinguish people who carry this aura: they are respectful with themselves and with others, they are upright and also tend to seek freedom of thought and action. In addition, they are in constant search of beauty and well-being.

  • White

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The union of all the colors of the aura results in white, a color that has been associated for millennia with inner peace and with the supreme beings. This aura directly symbolizes purity, honesty and the search for truth, in addition to beauty and perfection, capable of transcending a level of consciousness beyond this plane.

People with a white aura are said to be sensitive beings capable of reaching a very high intuition; however, despite the wisdom they identify with, they tend to get lost in their thoughts, only to find the silver lining after much meditation.

  • Bronze

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People with this aura are very innocent and see the world with children’s eyes, that is why they have no problem having empathy with others and giving them the help they need to overcome their problems, because their intentions will always be pure and sincere without looking for something In return.

That same innocence can work against the moment of making the right decisions, since looking at the world with children’s eyes can open the opportunity to connect with people whose intentions are not exactly good, although their good hearts will always distinguish them from others.

  • Gray

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The gray aura is related to more introverted personalities, with a tendency to depression and to certain physical discomforts as a result of their thoughts, which can become dark, although the tone of their aura could indicate a contrary situation.

Individuals with this aura are also often prone to psychological distress and a tendency to malicious intent; However, not everything is bad, as they are also creative and intuitive beings who can come to see the kinder side of human existence.

  • Black

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Although warm colors are usually associated with more cheerful moods, having a black aura does not bode well for perpetual negativity or pessimism: remember that the color of the aura can be temporary and depend on the situations that surround people, over which it is difficult to have control.

When the aura is in this state, it is possible that people have feelings of failure and experience anxiety related to a particular situation they are going through, so the invitation is always to find a way to forgive and reduce resentment .

  • Brown

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When you go through a brown aura is an indication that people are concentrating on their own problems and have temporarily closed themselves off from looking at the difficulties of others. This aura reflects negative feelings that lead to greed or materialism.

However, a brown aura can also mean that individuals possess characteristics such as a great ability to organize and manage their money and their assets, so it would not be strange for a person with a brown aura to stand out as an entrepreneur or in business. business.


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How did you think of these colors of the aura? Without a doubt, this is information that could bring you great light when identifying the energy that you emanate and that you receive from the world; after all, we are in constant contact with other people and it is possible to receive energy from them.

Do not doubt that your aura can change as you evolve in life, since we will not always be stuck in the same place and at the same time, so whatever the color of your aura, it may also have nuances and guide you towards a deeper spirituality.

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