3 clues on how to get a second coronavirus check

After lengthy and fruitless discussions between Republicans and Democrats about an upcoming economic stimulus package, it appears that th...

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  • After lengthy and fruitless discussions between Republicans and Democrats about an upcoming economic stimulus package, it appears that the aid check will not reach families
  • Last week a new proposal was rejected in the Senate precisely because it did not include a direct payment to Americans.
  • There is still hope, we tell you four keys so that a second coronavirus check is given

Although the outlook seems unlikely, we give you 3 clues as to why a second coronavirus check would be given.

After long and fruitless discussions between Republicans and Democrats about an upcoming economic stimulus package, it appears that the aid check will not reach families.

Republicans last week presented a new proposal in the Senate that did not include a check. This was one of the reasons it was rejected during Thursday’s session.

The negotiating parties have not found a meeting point, especially when it comes to the amount of funds that must be allocated to overcome the coronavirus crisis.

However, there is still hope. These are four keys to a second coronavirus check.

  1. Unemployment aid: Even though only a few states are starting to send the additional $ 300 in unemployment assistance Trump approved in August, it is clear that these funds will not last forever. It will be there when lawmakers will have to sit down again to discuss a broader aid plan. The reality is that the unemployment rate has decreased, but the figure is still high. According to the Labor Department, the first week of September, for example, 884,000 people applied for the benefit for the first time.
  2. Money well spent. According to a series of surveys, the majority of people who received the federal aid check used the money to pay for essential expenses. In June, a survey by the Census Bureau indicated that about 80% of those surveyed used their payment on food, rent, and services (gas, electricity, electricity or internet). Another survey by the Bureau of Labor Statistics confirms the same, although with 59% of those surveyed, reported The opinion. These results are encouraging for the approval of a second check.
  3. Idea with Republican and Democratic support: A second direct check to families is an idea that has been supported by both parties. Their differences are not in the fact itself of sending aid, but in establishing how much the aid would be and to whom it would benefit. According to a Gallup poll, among Americans, 82% of Democrats approve of the idea of ​​a check similar to that of the Cares Act and 64% of Republicans approve.

To these three keys we could add that even President Trump has stated that he is in favor of the delivery of a second round of checks to help families.

Even so, specialists have little hope that this agreement in the Senate will be achieved before the presidential elections.

Coronavirus Aid Check: Who Will Receive It This Week?

Although the original IRS calendar ended last week, the agency continues to issue the first coronavirus relief check – who would get it this week?

Discussions about a second direct payment for families have not been able to move forward, but meanwhile the Internal rents service (IRS) and the Treasury Department continue to work on the delivery of the economic stimulus checks that were approved in the previous Cares Act to help Americans.

These payments began to be delivered on April 13 and, as explained by the agency, they are sent every Friday and the beneficiaries would receive their payment during the following week.

As reported by The Washington Post, the IRS had a calendar that ended on September 4. However, the agency would have extended the payments one more week, until September 11, to be able to comply with some special cases. He has even stated that they could require more time to make all pending shipments.

That is, from this Monday, September 14, those who will receive their check for coronavirus special cases that had been relegated to ‘the bottom’ of the payment list.

The disbursement process has been late since they have had to send paper checks and debit cards by mail to those who did not have bank information in the agency’s records and even extend calls for those who do not file taxes and those who do not have any fact.

In fact, for this sector of the population a tool was installed on the IRS website “Non-filers“, Where people will have until October 15 to enter their personal information.

Stimulus check for coronavirus: who would receive it this week of September 14?

For those who have not yet received their stimulus payment, the shipping schedule depends on the income you have reported on your taxes.

First, it was sent to people with lower income and it will progressively reach the hands of those who reported higher income. We will explain the delivery dynamics below.

This is the shipping dynamics:

  • April 24: $ 10,000 or less
  • May 1: $ 10,001 – $ 20,000
  • May 8: $ 20,001 – $ 30,000
  • May 15: $ 30,001 – $ 40,000
  • May 22: $ 40,001 – $ 50,000
  • May 29: $ 50,001 – $ 60,000
  • June 5: $ 60,001 – $ 70,000
  • June 12: $ 70,001 – $ 80,000
  • June 19: $ 80,001 – $ 90,000
  • June 26: $ 90,001 – $ 100,000
  • July 3: $ 100,001 – $ 110,000
  • July 10: $ 110,001 – $ 120,000
  • July 17: $ 120,001 – $ 130,000
  • July 24 $ 130,001- $ 140,000
  • July 31: $ 140,001 – $ 150,000
  • August 7: $ 150,001 – $ 160,000
  • August 14: $ 160,001 – $ 170,000
  • August 21: $ 170,001 – $ 180,000
  • August 28: $ 180,001 – $ 190,000
  • September 4: $ 190,001 – $ 198,000
  • September 11: Other pending cases.

According to the calendar, if you have been considered by the IRS a ‘pending case’, So your check was mailed last Friday, September 11, and you should receive it in your mailbox this week.

The agency has also indicated that it is working to catch up on the payment of the $ 500 for dependents that they mistakenly stopped sending to some beneficiaries and with 55,000 payments that they had withheld corresponding to support payments.

Special cases: IRS will send out aid checks until the end of the year

Even though its original calendar ended last Friday, the IRS reported that it will send out coronavirus relief checks until the end of the year.

He Internal rents service The IRS was scheduled to send a final batch of stimulus checks on September 4; however, he indicated that they will need more time to process the payment of some specific cases.

The agency said the submission process will then be extended for the remainder of 2020, CNET reported. According to the medium, the corresponding payment has already been sent to:

  • Those who filed taxes in 2018 or 2019, because the IRS already had data on these taxpayers for the execution of a direct deposit.
  • The Social Security beneficiaries, who also submitted their information in order to receive direct deposit.
  • Those who managed to register their data in the IRS system before May 13 were able to receive their payment electronically.
  • Those who signed up for the IRS system after May 13 should have received a physical check or debit card. According to the IRS calendar, the last batch of shipments was made on September 4 and corresponded to those who had declared income between $ 190,001 and $ 198,000 dollars.

Recently, the IRS also reported that they are catching up on the $ 500 for dependents they mistakenly stopped sending to some beneficiaries. They are also issuing 55,000 payments they had withheld for support payments.

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If you have not received your check yet, you are in time to use the “Get my payment” tool, through which you can monitor the status of said economic relief payment. IRS also makes available the “Non-Filers” tool, with which those who have not provided their information can enter it for the agency to contact them and send the corresponding money, although they must do so before October 15. In the most unfortunate of cases, whoever did not receive the money will be able to request their “Economic Impact Payment” for next year’s tax season.

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