3.2 earthquake shakes Southeast Los Angeles

  • A tremor of 3.2 magnitude shook Southeast Los Angeles at dawn this Thursday
  • USGS reports that the earthquake was felt around 6 a.m.
  • The epicenter was near the Huntington Park Community Adult School

USGS reports a 3.2 quake that shook southeast of Los Angeles, California, early this Thursday, so far there are no reports of injuries or serious damage, according to information provided by the news portal of Ktla.

During the early hours of Thursday, the inhabitants of that area of ​​California county woke up to the perception of the earthquake, which alerted some of them and immediately reports were made through social networks.


Tremor Los Angeles
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Through its page, the United States Geological Survey (USGS, for its acronym in English) reported the intensity of the earthquake in Los Angeles and specified more details about the natural phenomenon that occurs on the first day of April.

Preliminary data indicates that the ground movement originated around 6 a.m., at a designated location less than a mile northeast of Huntington Park and about two miles west-northwest of Bell.


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The exact time that the earthquake that struck Los Angeles County, California, was recorded at 5:52 in the morning and several residents reported having felt the earthquake, which generated some fear.

In addition, the preliminary report indicates that the epicenter was near the Huntington Park Community Adult School and a residential sector west of 710 Freeweay, which is why reports emerged on social media.


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People’s reports confirmed that the earthquake that struck southeast Los Angeles California this morning indicates that the quake extended into West Hollywood, Pasadena and as far south as Lakewood.

The authorities activated the protocol for the review and surveillance of the area to establish the necessary action measures, this with the aim of reviewing the conditions of the affected area, analyzing possible damages and victims.


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According to reports from the USGS website, at least 360 people had reported feeling the tremor in Los Angeles, but as of this morning it was not clear if there were reports of damage or injuries.

The count of the last ten does not indicate earthquakes of magnitude 3.0 or greater centered closely. According to the portal of Los Angeles Times, approximately five earthquakes with magnitudes between 3.0 and 4.0 occur each year in the greater Los Angeles area.


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Verbatim on the USGS page he wrote: “Yes, that morning roar that some of you felt in Los Angeles was an earthquake, an M3.2 near Huntington Park. If you are in the area and want to put yourself on the map, did you feel it? site collects reports of felt and not felt ”

The earthquake in Los Angeles caused great expectation among the people because it was felt in various parts of the area and awoke not only the dream of the inhabitants, but also the fear of not knowing exactly what happened at the beginning of the day.


Tremor California
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The tremor report in Los Angeles ran like ‘wildfire’ alerted authorities, according to NBC Los Angeles and a Huntington Park Police employee told City News Service, said the bureau had not received calls for damage reports and described the shaking as “not that strong.”

Shaking was also reported in Maywood, Glendale, and in and around downtown Los Angeles. Residents in Pasadena, Long Beach, parts of the San Fernando and San Gabriel valleys, and communities in Orange County also reported tremors.

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