16 affirmations for a prosperous new year

Are you ready to have a great new year? After the holidays, it is time to look to the future, at least for a moment, to write the purpose...

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Are you ready to have a great new year? After the holidays, it is time to look to the future, at least for a moment, to write the purposes and goals that will accompany us in the coming months. Here are some helpful new year affirmations that can guide you in the process of growing and looking forward. Choose your favorites!

Goodbye negativity

“I release all the negative thoughts that I have accumulated in this year and let go of everything bad that happened to me in the last 12 months” is a phrase that can help you go through a new cycle in your life. The ability to free your mind Of everything that hurts you, it will be your best ally to visualize a more promising reality in 2022.

Forgiveness and love

new year affirmations

“I forgive everything and everyone that hurt me in the past, and I open my heart to receive love.”

You may have gone through difficult times during 2021, but that does not mean that 2022 has to be the same. This will be an excellent opportunity to open your heart to forgiveness, both to apologize and to forgive, which will allow you to receive more love from everyone around you.

Goodbye to sadness this new year

“When I reflect on this year, I will not give in to feelings of sadness. I will see the opportunities to improve and create a plan to be better in 2022.”

The end of the year is a time of reflection that often makes us remember episodes of loss or unfinished goals, but it is important to always contemplate that the future can be better.

It’s time to dream happy

new year affirmations

“Each of the dreams that I had in 2021 and that did not come true, will come true next year.”

It is okay to dream, but it is better to create strategies to achieve those goals, even if it is in the long-term. This is the ideal time to write down your most important dreams and everything you will do to achieve them realistically, without worrying about what others will say but for your well-being.

Achieve results this new year

“I will use concrete and continuous strategies and actions to achieve all the goals that I have set for myself.”

If you have not set a goal, it will be difficult to make a plan. Therefore, write down everything you want to achieve and how willing you are to sacrifice yourself to reach the end of 2022 with all your objectives met.

Create your happiness

Happy woman putting color with brush to crafts

“I am the creator of my own happiness. I am ready to take responsibility for myself and for everything that is required to live the life I have always dreamed of .”

Don’t leave your happiness in the hands of other people; be the change you need! Sometimes, it is easy to blame other people for everything that we could not do, but the reality is that it is not advisable to hinge our own happiness on other people, since they have their own obligations and goals.

Perseverance in being happy

“I am fully prepared to work on my consistency and perseverance, as well as my daily tasks, and thus stick to my purposes for the next 12 months of my life.”

Goals, without perseverance, would not make much sense. Therefore, you will have to work on creating habits and sticking to them, taking into account that these will be the door to achieve your dreams.

Positive mind

Happy woman with closed eyes drinking coffee

“I free myself of all anxiety and negative thoughts and instead focus my mind and spirit toward the abundance and happiness that will come into my life in 2022.”

Anxiety causes a lot of negative or catastrophic thoughts and worries that interfere with people’s quality of life. Instead of concentrating on everything that can go wrong, recreate in your mind all the good things that you long for yourself, who says you will not be able to receive them?

Reach your dreams

“In 2022, I am going to take steps to commit my attention to all my dreams, in order to see them come true in the near future.”

Twenty twenty-two will be the year to realize your plans, as long as you commit to working on them. Maybe you have planned a trip, visit your family who lives elsewhere, contact a person you haven’t seen for a long time or adopt a new hobby, you have everything to make it happen!

Face your fears this new year


“I will not let my past mistakes and fears keep me from living a better life in 2022.”

When talking about forgiveness at parties, this also includes forgiveness for oneself and for mistakes that are part of the past. We cannot change the passage of time or prevent the consequences of our past mistakes, but we can learn from them and make better decisions that adhere to the reality we want to create for ourselves in 2022.

Receive love

“I am ready to receive love, happiness and success in my life.”

What you are looking for can come into your life, but you have to be ready to receive it in a positive way, without doubting that you deserve it. Enjoy it! Happiness can be found in many different ways in life: in the love of friends, in the affection of family, in the search for a new job or reaching a work goal, the limit is up to you!

Be patient


“I will be more patient with myself in 2022.”

This statement will help you remember that all the processes you start will have a purpose, even if you do not achieve them overnight. Patience is a key skill to carry out all our tasks, recognizing that we can develop new interests and the necessary competencies to achieve great things.

Respect is essential to happiness

“I love and respect myself.”

It sounds simple, but it is a characteristic that must always be present in everything we do, since that will be the guideline for other people to treat us as we deserve. Although we think that respect is something that is given to others, it is essential to understand that everything begins with us: if we respect ourselves, we will be able to convey all those good wishes to everyone around us.

Be your priority


“This year, my priority will be my own well-being.”

It is not about forgetting about other people or not responding to the needs of your family or friends, but about constantly working to find what makes you happy. Sometimes work and daily obligations accumulate to create a feeling of restlessness or accumulation of stress, but it is necessary to take time a day to meet all our needs and ensure our emotional, mental and physical well-being.

Reach your potential

“I am happy and grateful: I am sincerely excited to discover my full potential in 2022.”

A new year is the beginning of incredible adventures, especially if your goal is to become a renewed version of yourself. To discover your full potential, you first have to believe that you have the ability to do whatever you set your mind to, even when it seems difficult. Be your best cheerleader and exploit all your abilities, it will give you unparalleled satisfaction!

Enjoy the present


“In 2022, I will strive to live, enjoy and take advantage of the present, without worrying more about everything that I cannot control.”

It is true that there are situations that are beyond our control, but there are many others that make our present a unique moment that we must enjoy to the fullest. Keeping our minds in the present will help us to look at life from a grateful perspective, but it will also motivate us to pursue our ideals in the hope that, at least today, we are doing everything we can to be better.

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