15 Tips for Healthy Travel

Going on a trip is always an adventure, regardless of where you go. However, it is important to leave home knowing you won’t have u...

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Going on a trip is always an adventure, regardless of where you go. However, it is important to leave home knowing you won’t have unnecessary health problems during your stay in another town or country. With these 15 tips for healthy travel, you can ensure that your trip is not ruined by unforeseen and preventable situations. Get good travel hygiene!

Healthy Travel: Get plenty of rest

When traveling, it is important to maintain a good sleep schedule. You need to start before you leave so you don’t begin your trip tired. While traveling, it is advisable to get plenty of sleep, especially if your trip requires you to do a lot of physical activity.

Go at a comfortable pace

A travel spot looking at a map

It is normal to want to visit many places as possible to make the most of your time and money. But when you do you run the risk of winding up exhausted at the end of the day. Be strategic and choose a doable amount of activities for each day. Don’t overextend yourself.

Healthy Travel: Do stretching exercises

One thing is true when you travel: you are going to walk more than usual. If you are not used to exercising, you could be at risk of injury. Do some light stretching before and after physical activities. You will notice the difference.

Keep hydrated


Staying hydrated is one of the most important tips for healthy travel. Always make sure water you drink is purified, to avoid any stomach bugs. Staying hydrated will give you more energy and allow you to enjoy your tours without worrying about heat stroke.

Eat fruits and vegetables

One way to stay hydrated is by eating fruits and vegetables. They are also a natural source of energy to nourish you and help you stay healthy when you travel. Remember to wash and disinfect all the fruits and vegetables that you consume on your trips. Otherwise, you could be exposed to gastrointestinal infections.

Don’t drink too much


If you want to consume alcoholic beverages on vacation, experts recommend verifying that they are legitimate and that they are opened in front of you so you don’t get any tainted drinks. Remember that you should avoid drinking too much if you want to maintain good travel hygiene.

Don’t overeat

As with drinking, food is sometimes a factor that works against vacationers, especially if they overindulge in certain foods. The excitement of trying the typical foods from different regions or countries can lead to indigestion if you’re not careful. Beware of highly seasoned or processed foods.

Maintain good travel hygiene


If you are going to go on a trip, it is best to plan your hygiene routine before, during and after your vacation, to avoid coming down with preventable diseases. Remember to always carry soap or disinfectant towels in your bag that you can use at any time. You can also use them to disinfect surfaces that have been touched by other people.

Protect yourself from the sun

Protecting yourself from the sun isn’t just about looking young. It helps prevent skin cancer in addition to being helping you avoid heat stroke or dehydration. Choose a suitable sunscreen for your skin type and wear sunglasses, a visor or a hat. This will help keep your face, scalp, eyes, and arms safe from the sun.

Visit the doctor before your trip


Prevention is always one of the best decisions you can make in your daily life. Prepping for a trip is the perfect excuse to schedule an appointment with your GP. Tell them where you are going on your trip and what activities you have scheduled during your stay. This way, you will verify that your blood pressure, sugar levels and heart rate, for example, are adequate to enjoy your vacation.

Research your destination

If you are going to visit a place for the first time, do some thorough research. What is the climate, what the locals are like, what are the most consumed foods or those that should be avoided, etc. This will a little time, but it will help you make the most of your time in a new place.

Take a first-aid kit

Medical kit for a trip

Healthy travel tip number one is bring a first-aid kit. Bring supplies for everything from headaches, to diarrhea or minor injuries. Pack your emergency kit in your carry on or in your hand luggage so you have access to it at all times.

Take vitamins

Vitamins are an excellent way to feel good and take care of your health, both before and during your vacation. But remember we don’t all need the same supplements. Check with your family doctor, who will recommend the vitamins that you should take.

Get vaccinated

A woman receiving vaccination before going on a trip

When planning your trip, do not forget to check which vaccines each country requires. Otherwise, you could risk coming down with an exotic disease or not being able to enter the country. In addition to the vaccines that each country requires, remember that you also have the option of getting other immunizations that protect you from diseases such as influenza.

Do breathing exercises

Taking care of your health includes your emotional wellbeing. This influences your blood pressure and your energy level while traveling. Performing breathing exercises will help you reduce stress levels associated with fatigue and anxiety as well as filling your body with oxygen to continue your walks safely.

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