15 UFO Tales that are Hard Not to Believe

July 2 happens to be National Unidentified Flying Object (UFO) Day. If you’re like most of us, you’re not so sure you believe in them but...

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July 2 happens to be National Unidentified Flying Object (UFO) Day. If you’re like most of us, you’re not so sure you believe in them but aren’t so sure we’re alone in the universe either. Regardless of how you feel about the matter, there’s been incredible information made available about UFOs via numerous sources including the NSA’s page dedicated to unclassified documents about UFOs.

According to the U.S. Department of Defense: “Between 1948 and 1969 the Air Force investigated 12,618 reported UFO sightings. Of these, 11,917 were found to have been caused by material objects such as balloons, satellites, and aircraft; immaterial objects such as lightning, reflections, and other natural phenomena; astronomical objects such as stars, planets, the sun, and the moon; weather conditions; and hoaxes. Only 701 reported sightings remain unexplained.”  We found 15 NSFW (no such f#$king way) UFO tales that are so vividly remembered by those involved, they’re hard not to believe.

1. UFOs Over Tehran • 1976

UFOs emitting light

In September of 1976, over the city of Tehran—Iran’s capital—a UFO “incident” resulted in a four page report from the U.S. Defense Intelligence Agency describing how whatever was flying through the sky had disabled two F-4 Phantom II jet interceptors in the area. It’s been reported that several Iranian military officers involved have stated the object was not terrestrial in origin.

2. Betty & Barney Hill • 1961

This is one of the particularly scary UFO stories. The year was 1961 when Betty and Barney Hill reported having been abducted by aliens. Their story remains one of the most prominent and (gulp) believable abduction stories ever recorded since they were two ordinary, upstanding people who didn’t seem to have psychological distress or anything to gain from falsely reporting.

3. The North Hudson Park UFO • 1975

Aliens in digital

In 1975, a man spotted a UFO in North Hudson Park, New Jersey. He saw “figures” collecting soil and return to their ship and reported the incident to a friend. Later, they found witnesses who confirmed what he had seen.

4. Ronald Reagan • 1974

This is another one of the most famous UFO sightings, since it involved former President Reagan. At the time, he was a governor in California and probably didn’t fully grasp what his story would sound like as he recounted it to the Wall Street Journal’s Washington Bureau chief. He never spoke publicly again about how, in 1974, he spotted and followed a UFO near the rear of his plane.

5. The Valensole UFO Encounter • 1965


Also in the category of scary UFO stories, the Valensole UFO was spotted in 1965 by Maurice Masse, a farmer in rural France. He was stunned by the creatures he saw next to it and noticed that the oval-shaped ship left a crater in his lavender field.

6. RB-47 UFO Encounter • 1957

The RB-47 UFO sighting was reported by U.S. Air Force officers in the southern United States, so it was taken very seriously at the time. Equipment in Duncanville, Texas detected and tracked the UFO until it disappeared.

7. The Falcon Lake Incident • 1967

A ufo in the sky

In Canada, Stephen Michalak had a close encounter with a UFO that left him with burns across his chest and ongoing health problems. The burn marks seen by doctors just hours after his reported encounter matched his description of the underside of the UFO.

8.  The Rosedale UFO • 1980

In 1980, a rancher in Australia had an encounter with a UFO that he probably would have missed had his cattle not been making noise as it floated over his fields. It reportedly drained his water tank, spewed debris from the field and flattened the grass where it had landed briefly.

9. The Sorocco UFO Encounter • 1964


In April of 1964, police officer Lonnie Zamora reported seeing a UFO in Sorocco, New Mexico. Members of Project Blue Book, the United States Air Force group responsible for handling UFO reports, investigated the incident and determined that the officer had been telling the truth.

10. The Kenneth Arnold Sighting • 1947

UFOs spotted over the Cascade Mountains in Washington state were touted as the “first recorded UFO sightings in modern times” in 1947. After pilot, Kenneth Arnold’s experience was published in newspapers around the world, others came forward with their own stories of UFO encounters.

11. The North Dakota UFO Sighting

A ufo flying

Another UFO sighting and alien abduction reportedly took place in Fargo, North Dakota in 1975. All three victims had been in a car looking at the UFOs, when they felt as if they had been stuck for a moment but had somehow rearranged their seats. Under hypnosis, their abduction story emerged.

12. The Missouri UFO • 1973

A UFO sighting in Columbia, MO in 1973 was supported by evidence of a ship landing as “something” had supposedly broken tree limbs, burned leaves and imprints.

13. The JAL Flight 1628 Encounter • 1986


In 1986, a Japanese Airlines cargo plane over Alaska saw a UFO and requested emergency landing. Both the flight engineer and first officer saw two illuminated objects and then later saw a larger ‘mother ship,’ at which time they decided they’d rather land in Alaska than continue on their journey.

14. The Levelland UFO • 1957

Just hours after the launch of Sputnik II in the Soviet Union in 1957, there was a wave of UFO sightings, with the first one coming from Levelland, Texas. Witnesses reported a large rocket shooting out of the ground at which time car engines died and lights went out. Others reported the same phenomenon but Project Blue Book blamed it on lightning. Despite their reports, there had been no electrical storm at the time.

15. The Roswell UFO incident • 1947

Camera inside a ufo

This is one of the most famous UFO sightings. It is said that a UFO crashed on a ranch in Roswell, New Mexico in July 1947 and strange debris, as well as a new trench in the ground, was discovered. Later, after more debris had been found, a nurse at the local hospital said that there had been bodies recovered as well. It is reported that she was transferred to England immediately following and her whereabouts are still unknown.

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