There is a $100,000 reward for the murderers of police officer Everett Briscoe (PHOTOS)

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There is a $100,000 reward for the murderers of police officer Everett Briscoe (PHOTOS)
  • Police officer Everett Briscoe, from New Orleans, Louisiana, was shot to death in Texas.
  • Now the authorities offer a $100,000 reward to find the murderers.
  • The two alleged killers are a pair of young African-American men with a slim complexion.

Authorities in Houston, Texas offered $ 100 thousand dollars to whoever gives the identity and whereabouts of the killers of a cop. Detective Everett Briscoe of the New Orleans Police Department (NOPD), was shot to death on Saturday, August 21, 2021 when he was enjoying a few days off.

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Agent Everett Briscoe was having dinner at the Grotto Ristorante, owned by billionaire gastronomic entrepreneur Tilman Fertitta, who will give the reward money to the person who tells the Houston Police Department (HPD), who and where the two blacks who killed the officer are.

Who are the murderers of the policeman Everett Briscoe?

Who are the murderers of the policeman Everett Briscoe?
Everett Briscoe was a veteran detective with 13 years as a lawman in Louisiana. (PHOTO: Police Department New Orleans)

“I will increase the reward to $ 100,000 to support HPD in all its efforts to find these criminals and help solve the crime of this past weekend,” said Tilman Fertitta at a press conference escorted by the mayor of Houston, Sylvester Turner, and Troy Finner, head of the corporation.

The murder of Officer Everett Briscoe, 31, occurred on Saturday, August 21 at 5:15 p.m., when the agent was dining with family and friends on the outside terrace of the Grotto Restaurant, located at 4715 Westheimer, almost corner of I-610 in the tourist area of ​​the Galleria, one of the most expensive and exclusive Houston.

The murder that started as a robbery

The murder that started as a robbery
This is the image of two African-American men who robbed and killed the policeman Everett Briscoe in Texas. (PHOTO: Houston Police Department)

According to Troy Finner, the head of the HPD, two young African American men approached the group of people who were dining and demanded their belongings. After the robbery, the two attackers shot the diners and agent Everett Briscoe, who did not carry his charge weapon because he was on vacation, was badly wounded.

Another person in the vicinity of the Everett Police Briscoe was also badly injured after the armed robbery. Employees and other diners at the Grotto Restaurant called the emergency number to report what had just happened and ask for help for the two injured people.

Two people are badly injured

Two people are badly injured
The authorities also recovered images of the car in which the murderers of agent Everett Briscoe escaped, which is a Nissan Altima in silver or gray. (PHOTO: Houston Police Department)

The name of the other person injured during the shooting and his relationship with Agent Everett Briscoe will not be revealed in this story to protect his identity. After the two people fell due to the bullets, a large police mobilization was unleashed, when the name of the wounded officer and his rank in the NOPD were announced.

According to the NOPD, in a statement sent to MundoHispánico In Texas, Agent Everett Briscoe was a 31-year veteran of the corporation with an impeccable record of service, married and the father of two. The statement did not specify which division the murdered agent was assigned to.

Everett Briscoe: Houston and New Orleans united by grief

Houston and New Orleans united by pain
PHOTO: Houston Police Department

When the first HPD patrols arrived at the crime scene, they could no longer do anything for Officer Everett Briscoe and he was pronounced dead at the scene. The other person was rushed to a hospital by paramedics from the Houston Fire Department (HFD), where it still continues.

The health status of the second person, according to HPD, is still critical. When it was confirmed that police officer Everett Briscoe had died in the case, it was taken over by agents from HPD’s Homicide Division to coordinate investigations into the tragedy that has rocked the cities of New Orleans and Houston.

Everett Briscoe: Identify the two alleged thieves and murderers

Identify the two alleged thieves and murderers
PHOTO: Houston Police Department

Troy Finner himself, head of HPD, arrived at the crime scene to coordinate investigations into the case by his Homicide Division agents. Detectives recovered from the security cameras of the Grotto Ristorante and nearby businesses, videos with the images of the two alleged murderers of Officer Everett Briscoe.

Thanks to these videos, the HPD Homicide Division agents learned that the two alleged murderers were two young African-Americans, with slim complexions, who escaped from the crime scene against the police officer in a gray or gray Nissan Altima. silver, with temporary paper plates.

“Does anyone know who they are … I want to ask them to report them”

"Does anyone know who they are ... I want to ask them to report them"
PHOTO: Houston Police Department

“Someone knows who they are, in every Houston neighborhood, wherever they go, there is someone who knows them and I want to ask them to report them,” Troy Finner, the head of HPD, claimed to the public and visibly upset after having arrived at the scene where Agent Everett Briscoe was killed.

Finner said it was a disgrace that A group of people “who were having dinner, enjoying the afternoon, enjoying our city” ended their vacation in a tragedy. The head of the HPD assured that the agents are not sure how much was the amount of the robbery, nor the details of what type of belongings the robbers and now murderers took.

Everett Briscoe: “We’re going to stop”

Everett Briscoe: "We are going to stop them"
PHOTO: Taken from Twitter

“We are going to identify them and we are going to arrest them,” Troy Finner, the head of HPD, warned the two robbers who remain fugitives as of this writing. Finner chief explained that is in coordination with colleagues in the NOPD, to give details of the investigation as the days pass.

Troy Finner, the head of HPD, asked the Houston, Texas community that if anyone knows the identity and whereabouts of the two police murderers contact 713.308.3600, or the non-profit organization Crime Stoppers of Houston at 713.222.8477. All tracks will be kept anonymous.

Friends’ dinner that ended in tragedy

Everett Briscoe: Dinner friends that ended in tragedy
PHOTO: Taken from Twitter

Sean Ferguson, the superintendent of the NOPD, placed all his confidence in the work of the Homicide Division agents investigating the case and said that “we are sure that the HPD will work diligently to find the perpetrators of this terrible crime. I want to thank the boss Finner for his strong words of support. ”

Elroy James is the president of the New Orleans Zulu Aid Social Club, an organization dedicated to preserving the values ​​of the African-American community in southeastern Louisiana. He was in the group that went to dinner at the Grotto Restaurant when the crime happened. But just he went to a nearby pharmacy shortly before the shooting.

Everett Briscoe died from a gunshot wound to the head

Everett Briscoe died from a gunshot wound to the head
PHOTO: Taken from Twitter

James, in an interview with the television channel Click2Houston in Texas, he recalled that while they were at the pharmacy buying some things before going back to dinner with the rest of the group, he received a frantic call from the other diners who told him that his friend Everett Briscoe had just been shot in the head .

Elroy James revealed that his friend was also a recognized member of the New Orleans Zulu Help Social Club, and that had earned him a lot of respect in the community. “I saw my brothers injured, seriously injured, and we even tried to offer them some first aid,” James says of the last moments of Everett Briscoe’s life.

Pandemic deaths by firearms

Everett Briscoe: The Firearm Deaths Pandemic
PHOTO: Taken from Twitter

The murder of the policeman Everett Briscoe is a link in violence with firearms. The non-profit organization National Archive of Gun Violence, which fights to raise awareness about the dangers of free sale of firearms, reports that 28,682 people have died so far this year.

As of Sunday, August 22, 2o21 of those people who have been shot dead in the United States, a total of 13,172 were murdered and 15,510 committed suicide. 26,375 were injured. The country has already experienced 450 mass shootings in the first half of the year, where at least four people died in the same event.

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