Happy Love: 10 things Latina moms do to make their kids smile

Latina moms can create super theatrical productions using just a sock, which they turn into a puppet to tell the most original and fun stories so (...)

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Is there anything Mom wouldn’t do for you? Perhaps the best memories of your childhood are those moments you spent with your mom and the way she made you feel every time you learned something new or went through a new stage of life.

From the the day you took your first steps, to the first time you tied your shoelaces or rode a bicycle for the first time, Mom has always been there for you, and she has showed her love in so many creative and funny ways that always make you smile. Here are 10 things that Latina moms do to make their children smile!

10. Brush your teeth: It’s disco time!


Mom always chose Crest when she wanted the best toothpaste and mouthwash for every stage of your life. She also taught you the best techniques, step-by-step, so that you would always have a spectacular smile. Maybe she even sang the famous Sesame Street song “Disco Toothbrush”. Do you remember it?

This fun song has motivated more than one child to brush their teeth. And if there is something that Latina moms never lack, it is the enthusiasm, rhythm and creativity to help their children grow even in serious moments when they need to learn crucial lessons about their health.

9. The mom who creates characters

Mom and son lying down

“Mom, I’m bored!” How many times did you say this to your Latina mom? This surely happened when it was time for chores such as dusting, arranging your closet, folding your clothes or doing the dishes. But those activities didn’t have to be boring and Mom was surely capable of creating funny characters to make you laugh.

Some Latina moms can even create super theatrical productions using just a sock, which they turn into a puppet to tell the most original and fun stories. Nothing beats their ability to make their children laugh and remind them that housework can create lasting memories.

8. Smile, it’s time to tell jokes!


A Latina mom is always willing to lead by example and with laughter. Do you remember when you were still beginning to learn how to floss? Hand-in-hand with Mom, this process became much more enjoyable, especially if you were lucky enough to have her tell you jokes to see your fabulous smile.

Every mom wants to see her kids happy and brag to the world that they did a great job selecting Crest and the best oral hygiene products like mouthwash, toothbrush, toothpaste and dental floss. Do you remember the funniest jokes that Mom told you when you were little?

7. Create fun games


If one thing is certain, it is that Mom is able to forget about being tired after a long day at work and spend quality time with her children. The most original games that have been passed from generation to generation have been born during evenings at home.

The one who folds the laundry the fastest wins a prize, or the one who manages to come up with the most creative recipe, for example, can choose their favorite chore. Thus, Mom creates an atmosphere of happiness and joy that spreads to the rest of the family. Those moments with Mom stay with you forever!

6. They set an example

Mom helping her son put away supplies

Mom taught you to do many things: She helped you take your first steps, she was with you on your first day of school, and even, in some cases, she gave you emotional support on your first day of work…. And she did it all with an excellent attitude and set the best example.

Do you remember the first time you brushed your teeth? Mom was there with you to show you how to brush properly and, thanks to that, you love to show off your spectacular smile today. Most likely, dances and songs were part of the lesson. And surely there is a photo to prove it!

5. How about a story from mom?

Mom with her daughter in an armchair

Among all the things that Mom would do to see you smile is to create fantasty worlds to illustrate the most important moments in life. Maybe your mom has never published a book, but without a doubt, her life experiences gave her incredible stories to tell.

Do you remember any stories your mom told you when you were little? It could even be a song that she sang when you felt sad or worried. Or something she sang to you as a baby to make you laugh out loud before you even took your first steps.

4. Let’s dance with mom!


For Latina moms, cleaning days are sacred but that doesn’t mean they can’t be a fun (and fast-paced) day with the family because all moms have a playlist that is sure to create the perfect atmosphere.

What were your favorite singers that you listened to as a child? The repertoire of Latina moms also includes the most creative dances that have made you smile on more than one occasion. This is the magic of moms!

3. Latina moms make the best funny costumes!

Mom and daughter dressed as superheroes

What wouldn’t a Latina mom do to see her children smile? The sky is the limit! Creativity is the main ingredient to turn everyday activities into a series of unforgettable moments and, thus, costumes become the best way for Mom to show off her funny side.

Latin moms have no qualms about putting on their favorite costumes to make their children smile in the most special moments. For example, at children’s parties or photo sessions, where the main objective is for children to show their best smiles.

2. Old pictures


One surefire way to make a child laugh is by showing old photos to try to explain what life was like when technology wasn’t that advanced and clothing and hair styles were a bit flashy. We are sure that Mom has gotten a genuine smile out of you with the outfits she wore as a teenager.

Old photos are also the perfect excuse to tell funny stories about things that happened in your family before you were born. It’s time to convince your mom to dust off the photo album. You won’t regret it!

1. Original recipes


Sometimes it doesn’t matter how tired you are after a long day at work or how early you have to get up, all mom wants is to see you happy and healthy. That’s why a Latin mom will always cook you the most creative recipes, no matter how old you are!

There are many things that a Latin mother would do to see her children smile, because for her you will always be a priority, even after you’ve left home and started your own family. What fun things has your mom done to make you happy? Tell us the most memorable!

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