10 Reasons Immigrants ‘Would Be Left Out’ of President Biden’s Immigration Reform

15 Reasons Immigrants ‘Would Be Left Out’ of President Biden’s Immigration Reform The ambitious project could ‘re...

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  • 15 Reasons Immigrants ‘Would Be Left Out’ of President Biden’s Immigration Reform
  • The ambitious project could ‘resurface’ in Congress next week
  • Although millions would benefit, many immigrants could ‘be left out’

Everyone is waiting for President Biden’s ‘ambitious’ bill, the so-called United States Citizenship Act or Immigration Reform, to be approved by Congress, and to achieve a path to citizenship for millions of undocumented immigrants living in the United States. .

The progressive US Citizenship Act could benefit more than 10 million undocumented immigrants, yet many could be ‘left out’. Discover 15 Reasons Immigrants ‘Would Be Left Out’ of President Biden’s Immigration Reform.

Stay in the United States

President Biden Immigration Reform, stay out

The main requirement contemplated by immigration reform is to be present in the United States before January 1. The many pages of the United States Citizenship Act provide that any immigrant who has not been present on this date would not be able to access any of the benefits.

With the recent passage of a $ 1.9 trillion stimulus plan in the U.S. Senate, President Joe Biden savors the first major victory of his term as he prepares to address much more difficult-to-achieve priorities such as immigration reform.

Exclusion or deportation order

President Biden Immigration Reform, stay out

In addition, any immigrant who has left the United States subject to an order of exclusion, deportation, revocation or voluntary departure will not be able to access the benefit according to the legislative text recently published by Democratic congressmen.

The fact that both houses have endorsed Biden’s ambitious plan, which would provide $ 1.9 trillion to fight the coronavirus, is quite a victory for the new president, but the battle to achieve it has made it clear that he will not have it so easy with other priorities, indicates Efe.

Immigrants who have ‘returned’ to the US

President Biden Immigration Reform, stay out
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In addition, within the numerous pages of immigration reform, another requirement that excludes any immigrant who re-entered the United States illegally after January 1, 2021. It is worth mentioning that it is necessary for immigrants to meet certain requirements .

Debates in the Lower House and Senate have shown that there is very little room for bipartisanship in Congress, portending a tough road for President Joe Biden’s immigration reform to become a reality.

Background check

President Biden Immigration Reform, stay out
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The bill also contemplates a series of background checks that, if not ‘approved’ by immigrants, would also be a reason that would exclude them from the benefits of the historic immigration reform proposed by President Joe Biden.

The White House has already accepted that it will not be able to approve a single great immigration plan and will have to push it forward in parts, and the Lower House plans to vote this next week on two bills: one to protect the “dreamers” who came to the country from children and another to regularize undocumented agricultural workers, reveals Efe.

Major offenses

President Biden Immigration Reform, stay out

Also, following the revelation of the proposed law, one of the most prominent reasons why an immigrant could be left out is to have been convicted of a felony, “excluding any crime under state law for which an essential element is the immigration status ”of the non-citizen, indicates the immigration reform.

Two proposals on immigration, which would benefit millions of undocumented immigrants, will be presented in Congress, but they have a very complex future in the Senate, where Democrats have been trying unsuccessfully for two decades to pass the project known as the “Dream Act” and where now they are barely they control 50 of the seats, with another 50 held by the Republican opposition.

Various minor offenses

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Also, having been convicted of three misdemeanors or more is one reason why they would be out. This, excluding “the simple possession of cannabis or any crime involving cannabis that is no longer prosecutable in the state in which the conviction was entered.”

The foregoing, in accordance with the broad immigration reform that would offer one of the fastest routes to citizenship than any of the proposals in recent years, but it would do so without offering improvements to border security, something that could mean an ‘obstacle’ .

Not pay taxes


According to The Associated Press, another requirement would be the payment of taxes. The reform that has been called “the most progressive bill in history”, would contemplate that the applicants comply with their obligations with the treasury, something that can also be seen within the requirements to obtain a aid check by coronavirus.

This requirement is contemplated in the immigration reform, which was delayed because the president of the House of Representatives is ‘fighting’ to find the necessary votes for the approval of the package, as revealed by the Daily Mail.

Lack of documents?

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The bill contemplates meeting certain requirements to access benefits, and to comply with them sometimes some important documents are necessary such as the birth certificate, marriage certificate, divorce certificate as well as papers that prove your educational level and your employment as payment receipts.

Not having these essential documents could prevent you from accessing the benefits of President Joe Biden’s immigration reform. Others such as the fulfillment of obligations, such as payment of pension or child support, are some of the most common that the portal has listed Up to date Dallas with the support of immigration attorneys.

Do not speak English?

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The reform offers, after five years the ‘Green Card’, once they have residency, immigrants who seek to access the ‘full’ citizenship offered by the so-called immigration reform of President Joe Biden, must meet another series of requirements to be able to obtain that much desired benefit.

Among them, according to the informational page issued by the White House, immigrants applying for citizenship will have to pass an additional background check again and demonstrate “proficiency in English”.

Civic education?

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In this last reason for which they would be excluded, as with the requirement to speak English, immigrants who obtain residency with the reform and seek citizenship must pass this civic education test. It is too ‘early’ to know for sure what this ‘civics’ exam will consist of.

However, agencies such as the United States Citizenship and Immigration Services (USCIS) already have similar examinations. According to the official USCIS website, questions such as: “What is the supreme law of the land?”, “What is a right or freedom that the First Amendment guarantees?”, “What did the Declaration of Independence do? “,” Who is in charge of the executive branch? “, Are contemplated in civics tests.

What is the future of Immigration Reform?

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US President Joe Biden laid out an ambitious plan for his first 100 days in office, promising action on issues as varied as climate change, immigration reform and the coronavirus pandemic. On immigration issues, Biden promised to bring Congress profound reform in his first 100 days.

The text was presented last month, although Biden has already indicated that it is open to process it in parts if necessary. It also issued a directive directing the Secretary of Homeland Security to “preserve and strengthen” the protections for young immigrants brought to the United States by their parents.

Reform is ‘stagnant’ in Congress

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President Joe Biden’s immigration reform could be delayed until April because of the ‘fault’ of the Speaker of the House of Representatives, Nancy Pelosi. Apparently, the Democrats took a count and realized that the important immigration reform that would benefit millions of undocumented immigrants in the US would not ‘pass’ in the Lower House.

The delay until April is in part because the speaker of the House of Representatives is “struggling” to find the necessary votes for the approval of the package, indicates the Daily Mail. According to the British media, the immigration reform will be sent through the Judicial Committee in April, while approving ‘smaller’ projects in March.

However, immigration laws arrive this week

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Now that the third aid check for coronavirus has been approved, and has even begun to reach thousands of Americans, the discussion of immigration laws such as the Reform that Biden has promoted in Congress could return this week after a ‘break’ in search the necessary support to approve them.

Hope is placed on the Democratic legislators, who have promoted this project that on previous occasions has “failed” when it reached Congress. But ‘in the meantime,’ the Capitol has begun work on two laws that would benefit millions of undocumented people and who are “independent” of the Immigration Reform that would grant a path to citizenship.

Dream Act and Modernization of the Agricultural Workforce Act

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The Dream Act seeks citizenship for immigrants brought to the US as children by their undocumented parents, known as “dreamers” or “dreamers,” and immigrants from programs such as the TPS and DED, with benefits “similar” to those proposed by Biden’s immigration reform.

While the House of Representatives will also have to evaluate the draft of the Agricultural Workforce Modernization Act 2021 (HR 1537), which would create a path to legal status for undocumented agricultural workers and their immediate family, reveals Efe.

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