Say Cheese: 10 Non-Obvious Reasons Why You Should Smile More

To celebrate your pearly whites and all the good they can do when you flash them, we’re giving you 10 non-obvious benefits of smiling.

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Besides making you look like you’re actually having a good time, smiling can deliver more than a few benefits that might surprise you. The simple act of smiling, as it turns out, might just be an investment in your own wellbeing. William Shakespeare said, “A smoke cures the wounding of a frown,” and, while that’s all fine and good, there’s so much more it can do as well! Now, to celebrate your pearly whites and all the good they can do when you flash them, we’re giving you 10 non-obvious benefits of smiling. Don’t be shy and don’t over think it—just smile more.

1. Feel-Good Endorphins

One of the most obvious benefits of smiling is that it just feels good. This is because when you smile, the muscle movements of your face cause the release of endorphins, which are the neurotransmitters responsible for making you feel happy. Even if it’s a forced smile, this thing works.

2. Stress Less

A woman with a cheerful smile

The release of endorphins in the brain also works to lower cortisol levels in your bloodstream. Cortisol is the nasty little hormone that is responsible for making you feel stressed (and can cause weight gain in the abdominal area too!) so you definitely want less of it. Try smiling next time you’re feeling particularly stressed and you might just feel more serene.

3. Look Hotter

One of the key benefits of smiling is that it makes you more attractive. Smiles are contagious and if your smile makes someone else feel happy, they’ll also feel good about you. From cashiers to bosses, even the police officer about to issue you a ticket, a smile can make everything more pleasant and efficient for you.

4. More Smiling = More Laughing


Smiling can lead to laughing and laughter is a great way to release pent up frustrations and anxiety while sending even more feel-good chemicals into the bloodstream.

5. Get a Good Workout

Laughter is also a form of exercise as it forces you to breathe deeply, so you take in more oxygen and it’s a mini ab workout. A strong core is key to optimal health, so bring on the laughs.

6. Better Immunity

A woman with a smile while resting her hand on her chin

Studies have shown that Laughter Therapy can improve immunity and speed healing.

7. Look Trustworthy

Smiling has been shown to make people appear trustworthy. We recommend a soft but sincere grin at your next job interview or annual work evaluation.

8. Feel Comfy


Smiling can make you feel less out of your element and those around you feel more welcome. If you smile in an uncomfortable situation, you might notice that you feel better and more confident despite your unfamiliar surroundings.

9. Because, Friends!

Smiling makes you appear more friendly and approachable. This obviously means, when you smile, you are likely to make new friends. And who doesn’t want more friends?

10. Spreading Love


A smile is contagious, so when you think about it, by smiling you fill the world with more positive energy therefore making it a greater place.

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