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Fire in a building in Mumbai, India leaves several dead and dozens injured (PHOTOS)

A fire in a Mumbai building killed at least six people. Fifteen were wounded. The building has hundreds of residents. A fire in a 19-storey residential building…

The best protection against Omicron is a third booster of the vaccine

Nohemí Medina and Yulizsa Ramírez were murdered and dismembered (PHOTOS)

“La Migra” warns of phone scams made in its name

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Arnold Schwarzenegger’s truck ends up on top of a car in an accident

The famous actor and former Governor Arnold Schwarzenegger was involved in a traffic accident. His luxurious truck was left on top of another vehicle. He was not…

The artists who will participate in the halftime show of Super Bowl 2022

Ricardo Montaner receives criticism for kissing his son on the mouth

Singer and actor Meat Loaf dies at 74

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Winter storm caused havoc in the US and the death toll is confirmed

A winter storm wreaked havoc across the United States. At least two people have died due to severe weather. A winter storm that affected southern US states…

Winter storm hit the East Coast with snow and thunderstorms

75 million people on alert for winter storm and freezing temperatures in the US

Ice and snow storms in the United States will affect 65 million people

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How to keep pipes from freezing and how to minimize the damage if they do

Don't be part of the statistics! Each year more than 250,000 families experience damage associated with frozen pipes during the summer. This happens because water has the…

How to sell on ebay: 15 tips for making extra cash

Powerball January 19 winning numbers published

Cheap cable and internet: 5 ways to find the best deal

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Home remedies for yeast infections: 10 sure-fire cures

Candidiasis is an infection caused, in most cases, by the candida Albicans, a fungus responsible for more than half of the cases. This infection can be located…

Reverse Psychology and Other Awesome Parents Hacks

How to cure eczema: 15 home remedies to soothe your skin

Peaceful People: Non-Violent Communication (NVC) &Why it Works

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The tallest skyscraper in the Bajío de Guanajuato, in Mexico

The Tower 40 Lumière has become the largest skyscraper in the Bajío area of ​​Mexico. The tower has 107 apartments, each floor has a one bedroom, a…

The 10 most expensive celebrity real estate transactions of 2021

Mortgage interest rates remain firm for another week

Daddy Yankee opens the doors of his mansion for a unique experience

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Asteroid bigger than the tallest building in the world will pass close to Earth

NASA is monitoring an asteroid that's bigger than any building in the world. They are prepared to be able to deflect any object that approaches the Earth.…

NASA warns of 3 asteroids that will pass close to Earth on January 14

10 Reasons Why Being a Tech Geek is Awesome

NASA rules out collision between any known asteroid and Earth for 100 years

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Carlota de Fruta in Refractory (RECIPE + VIDEO)

Cook without an oven this delicious Carlota de Frutas in Refractory. It is a very easy recipe in which you can choose to use your favorite fruits,…

Carlota de Guayaba (RECIPE + VIDEO)

Apple Covered Popsicles (RECIPE + VIDEO)

Chocolate Donuts with Bacon (RECIPE + VIDEO)

Mommy More About Mommy

Real Talk: How to Pick Up on the Signs of Dyslexia in Kids

When you become a parent it is terrifying. Even if everything goes smoothly from birth to the teenage years (and beyond) you are perpetually scared that something…

How to Help Your Kids with Goal Setting

10 New Braid Ideas for Your Daughter’s Young Coif

15 Ways Your Latina Daughter Can Avoid the Teen Pregnancy Trap