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Belarusians make a surprising move to join the war in Ukraine

Belarusians join the war. Belarusians say they want to "free themselves" from insecurity. Volodymyr Zelenskyy gave them the opportunity to…

THE LATEST: US military chief issues warning

The sixth child in the US dies of mysterious hepatitis of unknown origin

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Pastor Marita Harrell was stabbed to death and her body left in a burning van

Pastor Marita Harrell was stabbed to death. Her body was left in a van which was set on fire. Authorities are looking for a suspect who apparently…

SHOCKING! Woman cuts off husband’s genitals with a chainsaw and cooks them

Belarusians make a surprising move to join the war in Ukraine

Chaos breaks out at Jersey Shore TikTok party

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Musician Bob Neuwirth dies from heart failure (PHOTOS)

Bob Neuwirth was instrumental in the careers of Bob Dylan and Janis Joplin. His death has been announced. “Wherever something important happened, he was there.” The world…

Adult film actor Logan Long dies at 34

Dr. Polo shocks her fans with sexy swimsuit pics

Adamari López ignored Toni Costa’s birthday wishes

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Severe weather, flooding and high winds could occur today

The forecast for today (Sunday) warns of severe weather in part of the United States. Flooding and tornadoes could occur in some locations. People are urged to…

HEAT WAVE! Record temperature arriving this weekend

New evacuation zones for more than 48,000 people in the US this hurricane season

Wildfire burns dozens of houses and authorities say what’s coming next

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Bonus checks: Three locations will send payments to workers who qualify

Payments will be sent to those who qualify. Bonus checks are intended for certain workers. These payments will be up to $1,000 See if you qualify! Thousands…

Unemployment benefit numbers rise in the United States

Alaska lawmakers approve payments of around $3,200 to residents

New program will give $500 a month to Chicago families

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WHO anticipates more cases of monkeypox will appear

WHO warns that more cases of monkeypox will appear. They say that the disease is spreading among same-sex couples. Monkeypox has been identified in twelve countries. According…

Get rid of the clutter: 5 books on how to get organized

First case of monkeypox confirmed in the US

Beijing decrees new lockdowns due to Covid-19 outbreak

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What is celebrated on Cinco de Mayo and why is it more popular in the US than in Mexico?

What is the true story of Cinco de Mayo? Find out why it is celebrated more in the United States than in Mexico. What is the real…

SCANDAL! Young woman catches her aunt with her father leaving a motel

What are the best dog breeds? 5 you should know

Edible Flowers: Plant a Gourmet Garden

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Elon Musk announces “temporary suspension” of the purchase of Twitter

Tycoon Elon Musk reported the "temporary suspension" of his millionaire purchase of Twitter. In his message, he explained why the purchase is being paused. The announcement comes…

Biden announces program to offer low-cost internet

Who buys used cell phones? 10 places that will buy your phone in cash

Am I addicted to my phone? 5 signs that you really are

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Carlota de Fruta in Refractory (RECIPE + VIDEO)

Cook without an oven this delicious Carlota de Frutas in Refractory. It is a very easy recipe in which you can choose to use your favorite fruits,…

Carlota de Guayaba (RECIPE + VIDEO)

Apple Covered Popsicles (RECIPE + VIDEO)

Chocolate Donuts with Bacon (RECIPE + VIDEO)

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20 bad habits that ruin your teeth

When it comes to dental hygiene, simply brushing your teeth is not enough. It is necessary to choose the right products according to your needs and Crest…

A powerful and peaceful beginning and ending: 10 morning and evening rituals

Happy Love: 10 things Latina moms do to make their kids smile

The 10 most popular nail colors of summer 2022