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Journalist covers fatal car accident and discovers that the victim is his son (VIDEO)

Journalist receives the worst news a parent can hear. Carlos Alberto Baldassari covered a fatal accident without imagining what was about to happen. “Such is the life…

Chronicle: Girl abused over 2-year period while visiting relatives

Elizabeth Arzola was mysteriously shot to death in Des Moines, Iowa

Trump claims Ivanka wasn’t paying attention to election results

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Britney Spears lets loose at her wedding reception and recreates her iconic kiss with Madonna

Britney Spears ditched her wedding dress and swapped it for a blazer at her wedding reception. She and Madonna recreated their iconic kiss. The Princess of Pop's…

Rapper Money Gang Vontae is gunned down in a Bronx pharmacy and it’s caught on camera

Popular TikToker Cooper Noriega found dead after making a video about dying young

Chiquis reveals a lacy black bra in sexy Instagram pics (PHOTOS)

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WEATHER: Intense heat will hit parts of the United States this week

New severe weather in parts of the US. Who will be impacted by the heat. How intense will it get? WEATHER: Heat will hit parts of the…

Heavy rain and flooding hits Miami, Florida

4 people dead after Hurricane Agatha rips through Oaxaca

Landslides and floods kill dozens in Brazil

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Costco will require membership to buy gas at their stations starting next month

Costco will require a membership to buy gas at their stations. Drivers must present their membership card at Costco stations. This will take effect starting next month.…

More Americans applied for unemployment benefits last week

Some homeowners who took pandemic loan forbearance could owe huge sums

US inflation hit a new 40-year high last month of 8.6%

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Two new variants of the coronavirus gain ground in the United States

Two new variants of the coronavirus are gaining ground in the United States. Coincides with a rebound in the pandemic. The presence of the two variants indicates…

Covid surge: Experts warn that the pandemic is not over in Mexico

Milk teeth: how to take care of the little ones teeth?

Experimental cancer drug eliminates tumors in trial participants

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Renting vs. buying: What is best for you in the short- and long-term

In 2022, it was reported that 46% of people who rent a property spend more than 30% of their salary on it which has made many people…

What is celebrated on Cinco de Mayo and why is it more popular in the US than in Mexico?

SCANDAL! Young woman catches her aunt with her father leaving a motel

What are the best dog breeds? 5 you should know

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Apple’s new iOS 16 offers exciting updates to Maps and more!

Apple's iOS 16 offers exciting changes to the Maps app. The coming update will offer many improvements. The new Apple Maps will be available in 11 countries.…

Apple announces big changes with its latest updates for all your devices

Chick-fil-A tests robot delivery at some restaurants

Elon Musk announces “temporary suspension” of the purchase of Twitter

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20 bad habits that ruin your teeth

When it comes to dental hygiene, brushing your teeth is not enough. It is necessary to choose the right products according to our own dental characteristics, and…

A powerful and peaceful beginning and ending: 10 morning and evening rituals

Happy Love: 10 Things Latina Moms Do To Make Their Kids Smile

The 10 most popular nail colors of summer 2022